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5 Luxury Bertazzoni Refrigerators to Class Up Your Kitchen

by East Coast Appliance

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Get to Know Bertazzoni

Top Bertazzoni Refrigerator Picks


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As you redesign your kitchen and living space, you might be surprised by the sheer number of refrigerator models on the market. There are basic appliances by GE and Frigidaire, as well as tech-centric models by Samsung and LG. However, if you want a luxury refrigeration experience, one of the best catalogs to explore is the Bertazzoni refrigerator lineup. These units are designed with the best materials and take both function and style into consideration, meaning they are a popular option for homeowners who want high-end refrigeration.

Learn more about Bertazzoni and why its refrigerators are so popular as we provide five Bertazzoni refrigerator reviews to give a preview of what users can experience with this brand.

Get to Know Bertazzoni

If you haven’t heard of Bertazzoni before, you are missing out. This 140-year-old company was founded by Francesco Bertazzoni in 1882 and continues to be run by his family today. Currently, the fifth generation of Bertazzoni children run the company, with Paolo Bertazzoni stepping in as CEO in 1999. The business began in Guastalla, Italy, and continues to operate there today.

Bertazzoni as a company started with wood-burning stoves. It expanded to gas stoves in the 1950s and then moved into the electric stove market in 1975. Outside of its line of ranges, Bertazzoni started producing wall ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances. The brand continues to grow in popularity because of the high-quality products that last.

These days, Bertazzoni is considered a luxury brand. It sells high-end kitchen products that are pricier than most cooktop and refrigeration models. However, some customers directly seek out Bertazzoni products because of their quality reputation.

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Top Bertazzoni Refrigerator Picks

We’ve put together five brilliant Bertazzoni refrigerator models to showcase the quality of luxury and craftsmanship this brand has to offer. Go down the list with us as we feature one pick from each of the refrigerator styles Bertazzoni manufactures.

Bertazzoni 22.5 Cu. Ft. Professional Series Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Bertazzoni REF36FDFIXNV French door refrigerator

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While Bertazzoni is known for its luxury refrigerators that come in a variety of styles, it also produces refrigerators that are designed for families. This Bertazzoni French door refrigerator model has more than 22 cubic square feet of space, including 16 cubic feet of refrigeration volume.

While many brands try to split the compartments evenly, this French-door refrigerator has a smaller freezer section. It’s ideal if you don’t eat a lot of frozen food and would prefer to have more space for fresh produce, cheeses, and chilled wines. There are actually four doors on this refrigerator, with two doors made for separate freezer compartments. This way, you don’t have to bend all the way down to access items you frequently need.

This Bertazzoni counter-depth refrigerator will fit perfectly in your kitchen space without the need or cost of installation. It is big enough to hold groceries for your family without feeling cluttered or limited. There are also adjustable drawers so you can configure your refrigerator setup.

Bertazzoni 17.4 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Column Refrigerator

Front view of the Bertazzoni REF30RCPRR column refrigerator

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A panel-ready refrigerator is designed for you to mount a cabinet cover on the front, so the unit blends in with your kitchen. This style is ideal if you don’t want a stainless steel refrigerator sticking out against the rest of your kitchen design. Bertazzoni sells multiple panel-ready models, which means you can find the refrigerator that meets your needs and then check to see if you can place a panel in front of it.

This unit provides refrigeration for homeowners and can be configured with other column freezers and wine coolers offered by Bertazzoni. It is made with aluminum and glass surfaces that create a sanitary storage environment for food. Your shelves will be easy to clean, and they won’t give off any plastic odor emissions.

Bertazzoni refrigerator models come with advanced cold air circulation systems. This ensures your food maintains the same temperature even if you open the door frequently. The circulation reduces energy consumption and makes this an efficient refrigeration option. Consider this model if you just need a column refrigerator or want to pair this unit with other Bertazzoni products.

Bertazzoni Heritage Series 17.7 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Front view of the Bertazzoni REF36PRL bottom mount refrigerator

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If you are looking for a standard bottom freezer refrigerator that can still fit in a smaller space, check out this option by Bertazzoni. There is a single door for the freezer that pulls out so you can reach down and choose the groceries you need. If you want to turn this whole unit into a refrigerator, check out the FlexMode settings, which can increase the freezer temperature up to 42° F for extra food storage.

Not only is this refrigerator flexible and designed with users in mind, but it is also one of the most stylish models on the market. The LED lighting makes it easy to see inside without creating a harsh experience at night. The sleek shelves are adjustable based on your needs, so there’s always room for a cheese platter or an extra bottle of champagne.

This is another panel-ready model by Bertazzoni. It tucks between your cabinets and can blend in with the cover you place in front of it. 

Bertazzoni 12.2 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel Built In Refrigerator

Front view of the Bertazzoni REF31BMFX bottom mount refrigerator

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One of the benefits of looking into Bertazzoni refrigeration is that you can find refrigerator sizes that are harder to find in other brands. For example, this model has 12.2 cubic feet of storage, which includes almost 5 cubic feet of freezer space. It is an optimal refrigerator if you don’t have a lot of room or are looking to add a refrigerator to a guest house or vacation rental.

Don’t let the size of this refrigerator fool you. It can still hold a significant amount of food and drinks. The freezer comes with three drawers for easy organization and the door opens to the side just like the refrigerator. In the top compartment, the refrigerator has three shelves and a full-width crisper drawer. This maintains ideal humidity and temperature levels for produce and other groceries.

This Bertazzoni built-in refrigerator comes in stainless steel and has reversible door options. Configure the unit to your needs to create flow within your kitchen.

Bertazzoni 24" Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Front view of the Bertazzoni REF24WCPIXR wine cooler

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If you don’t need a completely new refrigerator for your house, check out the wine cooler selection by Bertazzoni. There are several drink compartment options whether you want a small unit or a taller, thinner appliance.

This particular model comes with two different temperature zones between 40° F and 65° F. You can chill white wine in the cooler area while storing your reds in the warmer area. You can also adjust the humidity levels (low, medium, or high) to keep your corks in perfect condition. Finally, turn on the aging function if you want to leave your wines in the refrigerator for a long time. This can help maintain a set temperature so your wine gets even better over time.

This Bertazzoni refrigerator model is 24 inches wide and 84 inches high. It can hold up to 80 bottles in a variety of sizes and styles. This model is a must-have if you are a wine expert or want to learn more about the storage and preservation of different bottles.

Without a doubt, Bertazzoni refrigerators are true emblems of classic craft and artistry. Models from the lineup are a pretty penny, however, the amount of labor and engineering that goes into each of these refrigerators justifies the cost. Overall, Bertazzoni refrigeration is highly recommended to buyers who demand quality products with aesthetics that work in both traditional and modern kitchens.

The best way to experience these Italian beauties is by shopping Bertazzoni refrigerators at East Coast Appliance. We’re dedicated to making your kitchen vision come to life, and we’re more than happy to show you how to make it happen with Bertazzoni refrigerators.


Intrigued by this Italian appliance brand? Learn even more as we answer the top questions we get from our buyers.

Where are Bertazzoni refrigerators made?

Bertazzoni continues to produce refrigerators in Guastalla, Italy, a small town with a population of 15,000 in the northern part of the country. It recently switched to producing appliances based on market demand, rather than the maximum operating capacity of its factories. This makes Bertazzoni more efficient and ensures that more of its units are sold.

Is Bertazzoni a high-end brand?

Yes. Bertazzoni is considered a luxury brand and the prices for its appliances are higher than most other models on the market. However, the company also invests in high-end materials and looks for unique design options that aren’t found in other kitchens. This is a great brand to choose if you are looking for luxury appliances that will last a long time.

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