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Become a Pro Home Chef with a Quality Gas Range

Nothing says pro cooking like a gas range in the kitchen. From sautéing something succulent to roasting holiday hams, your range works hard for you, and gas ranges bring the fire to amp up the taste!

Now we’re cooking with gas.

First Things First

Measure! Make sure to measure your space before you go range shopping so you know exactly which ranges will fit in your kitchen.

Is your house or apartment ready for a gas range?

Make sure your home is equipped to handle a gas range before you buy one. You’re good to go if you have a gas line into your kitchen or are able to have one installed. Never attempt to hook up a gas range by yourself! Don’t worry, though—we are fully licensed to install your range for you.

The Cost of Gas

With all the power they bring to the dinner table, you might assume gas ranges are more expensive to run. That is simply not the case. Gas ranges can save you money in the long run—ask a store associate for more information on pilot lights and how they work with your range!

Types of Gas Ranges

There are a few choices for the type of gas range you can choose. A lot of the decision comes down to your space.

A free standing range can fit anywhere in your kitchen and doesn’t require any modifications to cabinets or counters. It simply needs a place to go.

A slide-in range is designed with your counters and cabinets in mind. It is built to slide into a dedicated spot amidst your cabinets for a clean, cohesive look in your kitchen.

Professional ranges are exactly what they sound like. High power, tons of cooking space, several burners. A pro range is the only way to cook if you spend tons of time in the kitchen and are passionate about the food you make.

Induction and Convection

Ranges with convection are the way to go if you want a quicker and more even heating experience for your food. Using fans to circulate heat, ovens with convection will evenly heat whatever you’re cooking, which eliminates the need to rotate pans or dishes as you bake or roast food. Take your range functionality even further with a range that can air fry!

While induction cooktops are only found in electric or dual fuel ranges, we thought it would be good to cover what they are. These electric cooktops contain copper coils and magnets that directly heat your cast iron, iron, or stainless-steel cookware.

The result is a faster heat time for the pan and a cooking surface that stays cool to the touch.

Whether you need a new range for a new home or you’re ready to upgrade your existing appliance, give us a call or stop by! Our experts are ready to help you find the range that fits your kitchen and your needs.