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Learn About All the Buzz Around Electric Ranges

There is a lot to consider when buying a new a range. Do you want one that’s easy to clean? Are you looking for a more even cooking experience for your foods? Maybe you’d like an oven that maintains its heat better?

Perhaps your house or apartment isn’t set up for a gas range.

Whatever your needs, let’s go over why an electric range may be the way to go!

Easy to Clean

The ease of cleaning is probably our favorite reason to get an electric range with a smooth top. Who wants to clean a bunch of burner grates and drip pans? Our guess? Nobody.

With a smooth-top electric range, you won’t have to disassemble and clean individual burners. The process is as easy as spraying the top with a cleaner, wiping it, and walking away. With a no-fuss clean like that, you’ve already saved yourself countless hours of cleaning time.

A Remarkable Heating Experience

Electric ranges put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to heating your foods. With instant temperature changes, you can lower the heat and know that it will immediately respond. Of course, the pan or pot will still need time to cool, but it will happen quicker than it would with a gas range.

With faster time to heat and a more even heating experience, you can be sure your food gets cooked faster and with less fuss.

Electric ovens also maintain their heat better, so you can bake to perfection every time.

Cooler Heating for Summer Months

Sometimes your range can heat up your kitchen relatively quickly, and in those hot summer months, that just won’t do. Thanks to the efficiency of electric ranges, they won’t make your kitchen a furnace, just a place where good eats get made.

Better for Broiling

If you’re roasting a chicken and you want to get a moist, delicious flavor, some chefs recommend baking and then broiling the bird. If that’s the plan, you’re in luck. According to Consumer Reports, electric ranges out-perform gas ranges when it comes to baking and broiling.

Now that’s a recipe for great holiday cooking!

Save the Dough for Cookies

If your home isn’t already set up for a gas range, getting all of the necessary parts installed can be an expensive hassle. Electric ranges can save you money right out of the gate as well as keep you from needing to have a pilot light constantly burning.

Whatever your reason for wanting an electric range, our experts can help you find the right one. Stop by or give us a call today and we’d be happy to assist you in making your fantasy kitchen a reality.