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What Are the Top Refrigerator Brands on the Market?

by The Experts at East Coast Appliance

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Choosing a new refrigerator can be a challenge. There are so many brands on the market, and each one promises the latest technology and best features. Which brand of refrigerator is the best? Which one is worth the money? Unless you spend hours reading different comparisons, it can feel impossible to choose the right one. 

Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are the top refrigerator brands at East Coast Appliance based on what customers look for and the feedback they provide to our team. These refrigerators vary by price, technology, and size — which means you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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It’s time to find a refrigerator that fits your home, lifestyle, and budget. These are our top picks.

GE Refrigerators

GE has been one of the top refrigerator brands in the United States for decades. As a result, there is a large selection of refrigerators in most stores, which means customers can find the ideal refrigerator models based on their lifestyle choices. You can opt for a smaller refrigerator if you live in a city apartment or a larger one if you have more space in your home.

While GE is adding technological features to newer models, it is possible to buy a standard GE refrigerator that simply chills your food. You can find WiFi-compatible refrigerators or opt for a standard appliance that is simple to use. 

GE® 27.7 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

GE French Door Refrigerator

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Look no further if you are searching for a GE french door refrigerator. This model has an impressive storage capacity and two humidity-control drawers to keep your food fresh. The flat shelving makes it easy for you to store party platters if you are entertaining or a sheet cake if you are celebrating an event.

This refrigerator comes in slate and black slate options. However, the stainless steel option is standard and starts at $2,000.

LG Refrigerators

Life’s good when you choose an LG refrigerator, one of the top refrigerator brands for customers who look for technology and connectivity in their appliances. LG has a lineup of smart refrigerators that come with the company’s ThinQ system.

From a price standpoint, LG refrigerators are known for being more expensive, but that is because of the added features that come with them. Many of the refrigerators have windows so you can see what items you have without opening the door — creating an energy-efficient experience. More refrigerators also have built-in water and ice features on the outside of the door. For many customers, these added benefits are worth the cost.

LG 26.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

open LG 4-door refrigerator

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This model is your standard LG french door refrigerator. It costs around $2,500 and is made with a clean, stainless steel finish. This refrigerator has an impressive 26 cubic feet of space, which means there is plenty of room to store food for a family.

The freezer is a pull-out drawer at the bottom of the appliance and comes with a second ice maker to complement the first one in the refrigerator door. LG uses a proprietary Slim SpacePlus® Ice System to create ice without taking up space, so you can continue to store items while getting the ice you need.

Samsung Refrigerators

Every family is unique and has specific storage requirements, so why would you buy a refrigerator that only has a few features? Samsung understands that you need appliances that match your lifestyle, which makes it one of the top refrigerator brands for customer value.

Each Samsung refrigerator comes with a FlexZone Drawer that has five temperature settings. If you are a vegetarian, you can use the drawer to keep your vegetables crisp. If you went fishing this morning and plan to prepare your catch for dinner, there’s a setting for you.

Samsung refrigerators also have connectivity, similar to the LG models. Enjoy a variety of features through the SmartThings app, which gives you total control of your refrigerator and home. 

Samsung 26.5 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

Samsung french door refrigerator

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For $3,000, this Samsung french door refrigerator could be yours. Not only does this refrigerator chill your food, but it also comes with a Family Hub to control your home. You can watch TV on this refrigerator and stream shows while you cook. You can see who is at the front door and monitor your baby while they sleep. You can check the weather and upload family photos of sweet memories —  you can even leave notes for loved ones.

Outside of the Family Hub technology, Samsung refrigerators are large. They offer 27 feet of capacity so you can keep your home well-stocked, no matter how big your family is. 

Beko Refrigerators

Beko started as a small refrigeration company in Istanbul, Turkey, more than 60 years ago. The firm has expanded steadily over the years and arrived in the United States in 2016. Since then, Beko has become one of the fastest-growing and top refrigerator brands in the country. Customers rave about the style of the refrigerators and the reliability.

This brand is newer, which means there are often fewer options to choose from. Most companies only have a few Beko refrigerators in stock at a time. At East Coast Appliance, we do our best to find the best Beko refrigerators for your needs.

Beko 19.8 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel French 4 Door Refrigerator

open Beko 4-door refrigerator

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This model is the quintessential Beko refrigerator. It uses EverFresh+ and Active Blue Light Technology to preserve your food and limit the growth of bacteria in your refrigerator. As a result, you can enjoy fewer odors and food that lasts longer (and tastes better).

Beko uses french doors for both the refrigerator and the freezer in this model. This is a unique design that isn’t often found in refrigeration. Instead of a pull-out freezer, you can open two doors to access the freezer. This also allows you to keep different food types separate in the freezer, so you can keep your meat on one side and your dairy or vegetables on the other. This model starts at $3,250 and is made of finger-print-free stainless steel.   

Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire is considered an affordable brand for shoppers. There are multiple basic models that have affordable pricing, which is ideal for families on a budget. They also come in multiple sizes, which means they can accommodate your home.

One of the main reasons why Frigidaire is affordable is because these appliances do not have Wi-Fi connectivity. This may be a drawback for some shoppers who want modern amenities in their refrigeration.

Frigidaire Gallery® 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire French door refrigerator

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This Frigidaire gallery refrigerator is one of the top options provided by the brand. It has a Smudge-Proof™ stainless-steel surface so your family can open the doors as often as they want without dirtying them. The Auto CrispSeal™ crisper drawers protect your food and keep them fresh longer, which is ideal if you can only make it to the grocery store once or twice per week. This is a standard family refrigerator that is also ENERGY STAR® certified

KitchenAid Refrigerators

Due to the popularity of its stand mixers, KitchenAid is often considered the most reliable refrigerator brand on the market. Customers often consider the brand to be reliable and high quality. However, quality tends to come with a price. KitchenAid refrigerators can be more expensive and come with the same features as other brands.

KitchenAid® 26.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel with PrintShield™ Finish French Door Refrigerator

Kitchenaid French Door Refrigerator

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This KitchenAid refrigerator has a significant amount of storage and is designed to optimize space. There are multiple wide drawers and shelves where you can place platters and other long plates. You can select the food you are storing in the FreshChill™ Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry in order to protect your platter in the best manner possible. This refrigerator also comes with a two-tier freezer drawer for optimal storage.

This refrigerator price starts at $3,000, while other KitchenAid models can exceed $4,000 as the starting price. 

Find Your Ideal Refrigerator

Whether you are looking for a basic model or want an advanced refrigerator with modern technology and cool features, the team at East Coast Appliance can help you find what you need. Shop our refrigerators today and find one that works for you.

Refrigerator Brand FAQ

What brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

Different refrigerator models last longer than others. How well you care for your refrigerator and how often you use it plays a bigger factor in longevity than the brand. As for the style, bottom freezer refrigerators last the longest of all the types of models. Look for a refrigerator that has a bottom freezer drawer as opposed to a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer combo. 

What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

KitchenAid and Samsung are often regarded as refrigerator brands that experience the least number of issues. These brands might be more expensive than others, but paying more upfront may be worth it for your refrigerator to perform well in the long run.  

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