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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator: Customize Kitchen Colors

by Ann Louisa

Kitchen appliances are often known for their functionality, not their designs. Most appliances only come in one or two colors (black, white, and maybe stainless steel), which means you are left designing around your stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Few homeowners want to draw attention to these appliances, especially if the colors don’t match their ideal scheme. However, Samsung is changing that. The Bespoke refrigerator line comes in multiple colors and options to customize individual panels.

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The ability to add color to your kitchen through your refrigerator is a game-changer. You can use the refrigerator as an accent piece with a unique color or finally match your appliances to create a uniform look. What’s even better is how Samsung creates reliable appliances that customers love. Learn more about your Samsung Bespoke refrigerator options and why you need this appliance in your home.

The Bespoke Line Offers Finishes for Every Lifestyle

If you read a Samsung bespoke refrigerator review page, you might notice how customers highlight the different colors and styles they have created for their refrigerators. Samsung currently offers eight different colors for their refrigerators in the United States. You could buy a matte black stainless steel refrigerator or choose a fun rose pink or sky blue for your refrigerator.

Additionally, you aren’t limited to one color for your refrigerator. You can customize each door, adding multiple colors to your appliance. Design a refrigerator with navy glass French doors on top and a Champagne steel freezer bottom. With multiple colors, your refrigerator can stand out as a centerpiece in your kitchen or seamlessly blend in with your kitchen for a cohesive appearance.

You shouldn’t feel limited in design choices as you shop for a panel-ready refrigerator. Start by shopping with a brand you love (Samsung), and then take steps to choose unique colors and styles that show off your unique personality. Here are a few top models to choose from.

Samsung Bespoke 24 Cu. Ft. Matte Grey/White Glass Counter Depth 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub™

samsung bedspoke

If you are looking for one of the more advanced models of Samsung Bespoke refrigerator, consider this three-door option for your home. There are two top doors to your refrigerator, which makes it easy to access your groceries without letting all of the cool air out. When even the refrigerator doors are energy-efficient, you know it’s a good model. The third door opens to a pull-out freezer for easy access to your frozen food.

This refrigerator has multiple high-tech features that you can enjoy when you install it in your home. It has WiFi connectivity, which means you can remotely control the temperature of your refrigerator through the Samsung SmartThings App. This model also has a built-in Family Hub™, which works with Alexa. You can control your Samsung appliances, stream music, share pictures of your family, and leave notes to your kids and significant other. It even allows you to see who is at your front door if you have a smart camera installed.

This refrigerator comes in a variety of colors, like any Samsung bespoke model, and starts at $3,100.  

Samsung Bespoke 28.8 Cu. Ft. White Glass French Door Refrigerator with Beverage Center™

white glass

If you have a large family, you need a refrigerator that can keep up with your hungry kids and spouse. This Samsung Bespoke refrigerator comes with an impressive 28.8 cubic feet of storage, making it one of the larger options created by this company. The concealed Beverage Center™ ensures that you will always have ice and fresh water, keeping you hydrated during the hottest summer days.

This is a four-drawer refrigerator. There are two doors at the top for refrigeration access, one pull-out freezer drawer, and one FlexZone™ Drawer in the middle. This middle drawer has five different temperature settings that create a range for different food types. Keep vegetables crisp and away from your other food, or preserve meat and fish that you caught until it’s time to eat them.

This refrigerator comes with WiFi connectivity through the Samsung SmartThings App, so you can adjust your temperature settings remotely. It also comes with an ADA-Compliant Display and easy-to-reach controls. You can feel comfortable using this appliance while enjoying a refrigerator that comes in a variety of colors. This model starts at $2,500.

Samsung Bespoke 23 Cu. Ft. Morning Blue/White Glass French Door Refrigerator with Beverage Center™

bespoke blue

Homeowners that want flexibility in their refrigerators should consider the Samsung Bespoke 4-door flex refrigerator. The top two doors open to the refrigerator section of the appliance. You can access the Samsung Beverage Center™ if you just need a cool glass of ice water, or you can open both French doors if you need to fit a large platter ahead of an event. The bottom drawer opens into a pull-out freezer, which allows you to reach down to select your food items.

One of the top features of this refrigerator model is the FlexZone™ Drawer, the fourth drawer that allows you to customize the temperature on five different settings. This drawer enables you to set your refrigerator to match your lifestyle. You can choose a lighter setting to chill your wine or opt for a soft freeze if you need to store meat and fish for longer periods of time. Test the temperatures to find what works for you.

This model comes with everything you expect from a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. There is WiFi connectivity through the Samsung SmartThings App and multiple colors to choose from. You can even customize individual door panels with different colors. This refrigerator starts at $2,400.  

Samsung 12.0 Cu. Ft. Bespoke Grey Glass Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Customizable Colors and Flexible Design

bespoke grey

Not all luxury refrigerators need to be large. If you live in an urban apartment in Manhattan or Seattle, you might not be able to install a commercial-sized refrigerator in your home. If this is the case, consider the column refrigerator offered by Samsung.

This refrigerator has everything you look for in modern food storage. It has a top refrigerator and a bottom freezer, which several drawers in place for easy organization. The freezer has three different drawers, which maximizes storage space while allowing you to keep your groceries organized. This refrigerator also has a reversible door to fit your space. You don’t have to block your entire kitchen just because you want to pull the carrots out of the refrigerator.

This model can store 12.0 cubic feet but also allows for modularization. If you find yourself in a bigger space, you can combine this appliance with another Samsung Bespoke refrigerator for double the storage while only taking up the space of a standard refrigerator. This model is ENERGY STAR® Certified, comes in three different colors, and only costs $1,000.     


Do you need panels on your Samsung Bespoke refrigerator?

Panels are sold separately when you choose a Samsung refrigerator. The base model will come in a standard color (usually white or stainless steel), and then you have the option to customize it as you choose. There are eight different colors available to consumers in the United States.

Can you replace your Samsung refrigerator door panels?

There is good news for homeowners who want colorful refrigerator panels but aren’t sure they can commit to one style. You can remove the existing panels and replace them with other colors. If you decide to repaint the kitchen, you can choose panels that match. You can also select neutral panels to help sell your home.

Are Samsung Bespoke refrigerators magnetic? 

Yes, the front panels of these refrigerators are magnetic, so you can attach family photos, event invitations, and important documents to the front. Many Bespoke appliances are also WiFi-enabled, so you can set digital reminders and alerts for yourself and your family.

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