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Why Beko Refrigerators Stand Out from the Competition

by Michael Webster

Couple playing with their small child on the kitchen counter next to a stainless steel Beko refrigerator.

It’s no secret that every home needs a reliable refrigerator, but when it comes to replacing your old one or buying a brand-new model, the amount of options available is completely overwhelming. With thousands of brands, models, and makes to choose from, it can be very tedious finding which fridge is just right for you and your space. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Beko is one of the fastest-growing appliance companies from across the pond. Beko’s appliances made their way to the states in 2016, and since then, have made huge strides in combining innovation and sustainability into all of their top-quality products ― especially their refrigerators. To help you learn even more about this dependable appliance brand and what they have to offer, we’ve put together a guide with our expert’s Beko refrigerator reviews as well as the many perks that come with adding one of these essential appliances to your kitchen.

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Beko Refrigerators: A Breakdown

Pros & Cons of Beko Refrigerators

Our Top Beko Refrigerator Picks

Beko Refrigerators: A Breakdown

What started out in Istanbul, Turkey over 60 years ago as a small operation has now bloomed into one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world. Beko refrigerators are crafted by some of the industries’ top experts to help elevate the functionality of every kitchen arrangement. Each refrigerator model they produce offers plenty of storage capacity for all of your fresh food, along with advanced food preservation features that keep food fresher, eliminate unwanted odors, and produce consistent ice ― all while saving you tons of energy.

From sleek fingerprint-resistant finishes to LED lighting displays, Beko refrigerators are a complete wonder on the outside and inside. Beko refrigerators are encouraged for both families and single users due to their elegant design and Energy Star certified operation that saves plenty of funds on your monthly utilities. And if a seamless counter-depth design is what you’re looking for, select Beko fridges blend in perfectly with kitchen cabinetry for a smooth and flush look. Looks aside, Beko refrigerators are chock-full of advanced food preservation technology that will take the utmost care of all your favorite eats. Here are just some of the key features that Beko fridge models are equipped with to make life in the kitchen a breeze.

Unmatched Energy-Efficiency: Beko refrigerators sustainability efforts have earned them several U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Partner of the Year Awards for their dedication to sustainability and proven energy savings. Their fridges are extremely efficient with their energy usage that not only makes your life more convenient but helps reduce your impact on the planet, too.

ActiveFresh Blue Light: All of your fresh produce's nutrients will be protected with blue LED lights that simulate outdoor, natural lighting conditions to extend the photosynthesis process into your fridge. This helps your produce remain fresher up to 30-percent longer than with a standard refrigerator.

EverFresh+: Equipped with versatile crisper drawers and additional vents in the back liner of the fridge, this allows for direct airflow in and out of a specially designed compartment to keep your produce fresh for up to 30 days.

NeoFrost Dual Cooling: Unlike standard single-cooling systems, NeoFrost cools twice as fast for ideal freshness by using two separate air circulation systems to maintain optimal humidity in the refrigerator while keeping the freezer free from frost.

Pros & Cons of Beko Refrigerators

While Beko does manufacture some top-quality refrigerators that can be the perfect choice for most homes, that doesn't mean that they'll work for everyone's arrangement. If you’re considering going with a new Beko refrigerator, there are some pros and cons to think about before you make your final purchase.


✓ High-end food preservation technology

✓ Affordable price point

 Seamless designs


 Less options to choose from compared to competitors

✗ No Wi-Fi connectivity

Our Top Beko Refrigerator Picks

French Door Refrigerator: Beko 19.9 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel Freestanding French Door Refrigerator (BFFD3624SS)

Stock image of a stainless steel Beko brand French door refrigerator with bottom freezer.

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If having the ultimate kitchen convenience is your top priority in a fridge, then look no further than this freestanding French door Beko refrigerator. This luxuriously styled stainless steel French door fridge is loaded with Beko’s innovative cooling technologies such as NeoFrost Dual cooling that chills the entire unit twice as fast and maintains optimal temperatures in both the fridge and freezer, as well as an EverFresh+ drawer, that meticulously ensures the proper humidity level to keep your foods fresher. Complete with the most fridge capacity from the Beko line, this French door refrigerator also comes equipped with a filtered water dispenser inside the unit, interior top digital controls for ease of access, as well as a Turbo ice maker that produces a whooping 11 pounds of ice per day.

Four Door Refrigerator: Beko 19.8 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel French 4 Door Refrigerator (FFD3626SS)

Stock image of a stainless steel 4-door Beko brand French door refrigerator.

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When your home requires an ample amount of refrigeration space, you’ll never have to worry or second-guess with this 19.8 cu. ft. French door refrigerator. This unit is complemented by abundant storage options and a gorgeous stainless-steel finish, and that’s not even mentioning the amount of cooling power it possesses. This Beko counter depth refrigerator features NeoFrost Trio cooling technology, an automatic ice maker that cranks out up to six pounds of ice per day, as well as Beko refrigerator temperature zone adjustability that provides the ideal conditions for preserving your produce and other perishables. Plus, you’ll enjoy ultimate convenience with the interior filtered water dispenser, top digital controls, and theater LED lighting of this four-door refrigerator that not only serves as flexible cooling storage, but also helps you conserve energy since you only open the compartment you need which only lets out a minimum amount of chill.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Beko 19.3 Cu. Ft Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator (BFSB3622SS)

Stock image of a stainless steel Beko brand side-by-side refrigerator.

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Enjoy the freshest food with a sleek aesthetic to boot with this freestanding Beko refrigerator with icemaker. The side-by-side design with a built-in exterior ice and water dispenser adds a level of elegance and ultra-convenience to your kitchen that can’t be duplicated. Between NeoFrost Dual Cooling, an EverFresh+ compartment, photosynthesis-powering Active Fresh Blue Light, and advanced odor-eliminating IonGuard technology, your food will stay fresh for much longer than with a conventional fridge. And now you’ll be able to easily find a place to store everything from your grocery list with long-lasting LED lights along the walls, while saving some dollars along the way with this Energy Star certified fridge.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: Beko 16.2 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel Freestanding Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (BFBF3018SS)

Stock image of a stainless steel Beko brand refrigerator with bottom freezer.

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If you’re looking for a reliable refrigerator that will deliver some of the best results but doesn’t take up as much floor space, this freestanding bottom freezer fridge from Beko could be the one for you. Loaded with cooling versatility, this 16.2 cu. ft. bottom freezer refrigerator features Beko’s NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology that chills the unit twice as fast with two separate cooling systems that maintain optimal humidity while keeping the freezer frost-free. Super-efficient Theater LED lights are strategically placed along the fridge walls to light up every shelf to make finding what you want effortless. Even better, this fridge also features IonGuard technology that creates a fresh-air environment to protect and preserve perishables longer while eliminating unwanted odors building up.

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Consisting of innovative features and unmatched energy efficiency, Beko refrigerators set out to uplift your kitchen space with seamless designs and effective performance. With numerous awards across several different categories and over 60 years of experience, Beko continues to create timeless refrigerators that will instantly make your life easier in the kitchen.

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