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Our Opinion: Beko Appliances Reviews

by Olly Mason

Mother checking on food cooking inside Beko gas range while kids play next to her

  1. Beko Appliances Overview 
  2. Beko & Similar Brands

While the Beko name is new on this side of the pond, the brand is an industry leader in Europe as well as the #1 freestanding home appliance brand in the region. Debuting in America in 2016, this appliance manufacturer — found exclusively in independent appliance stores — has created a name for itself due to its innovative technologies centered around family health and wellness. Here are some of our own Beko appliances reviews to help you learn more about the brand.

Beko products have received global recognition for their energy efficiency, with several Most Efficient appliance awards from Energy Star. Coupled with space-conscious designs and smart solutions that make life easier, Beko is a quickly becoming the European counterpart to brands like LG and Samsung, offering simple yet effective appliance solutions at competitive prices. Follow along in this article as we go over Beko’s three main appliance sectors: refrigeration, dishwashers, and cooking appliances.

Beko Home Appliances

Simplicity and minimalism are two trademark features buyers will find throughout the catalog of Beko appliances. Clean profiles and featureless fronts are common — but if you choose, the brand also comes with a rich selection of panel-ready appliances for a touch more of customization.

And Beko applies its philosophy of simplicity when it comes to features, too. Some of Beko’s best features can be found even on entry-level appliances, meaning shoppers have more buying power from a wider range of price points.

That means buyers can shop for a low-end Beko appliance starting with great features or spend a little more to upgrade to a next-level model for a different style choice and along with a few more features.

Take this Beko 28-inch top freezer refrigerator (model BFTF2716SSIME), for example. While compact with a base-model design, this fridge comes with some of the best refrigerator features Beko offers, including EverFresh+ food preservation, Active Fresh Blue Light technology, a dual cooling system, and Energy Star certification — all for a price point under $900. That’s impressive!

Beko Refrigerator Reviews

Side by side images of EverFresh+ and Active Fresh Blue Light from Beko refrigerators

While on the subject, let’s explore more of Beko’s fridges. Buyers will find a modest inventory of refrigerators, including French door styles, Side by Side configuration, plus top freezer and bottom freezer options on top of  built-in refrigerator models and upright freezers

However, don’t expect American-sized refrigerators. With fridge capacities ranging from 8 cubic feet to 19.9 cubic feet, even the biggest refrigerator from Beko falls just shy of large-capacity refrigerators from competitors like Frigidaire, LG, GE, or Samsung. On the other hand, this is why Beko is largely advertised as an apartment-friendly appliance brand, which, for some buyers, is a huge incentive.

Still, when you have the innovative food preservation of Beko in your kitchen, capacity becomes less of an issue. And because the brand wants to encourage its buyers to #EatLikeAPro, you can be sure Beko refrigerators are designed to prolong food freshness.

Most Beko fridge models come with the following standard features:

  • NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology uses a separate cooling element in the freezer and fridge for optimized temperature control and better protection against odor transfer.
  • EverFresh+ keeps fresh produce preserved up to three times longer (often up to 30 days) thanks to precise temperature control and humidity management.
  • Active Fresh Blue Light replicates the natural process of photosynthesis to keep fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and nutrients.

High-end Beko refrigeration comes with all the above, plus select upgrades like IonGuard for a fresh and odor-free interior, a Turbo Ice Maker system that produces an industry-leading 11 pounds of ice daily, and Theater lighting.

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Beko Dishwasher Reviews

Beko dishwasher fully opened with extended racks

As the brand’s largest single appliance lineup, shoppers have the most buying options when it comes to Beko dishwashers. Explore selections from 18-inch dishwasher models with a minimum of 8 place settings ideal for a bar or small kitchen, to full-size dishwasher options, including integrated, panel-ready models that are virtually invisible against cabinetry. With an average noise level of 45 dBA, Beko dishwashers are among some of the quietest in its class, while some, like the Beko 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher (model DIT39432), operate at an impressive 39 decibels.

Nearly every dishwasher from Beko comes with:

  • SilentTech technology includes added insulation that retains heat for better energy efficiency and reduces the sound of operation.
  • An LedSpot indicator that projects a red beam onto the floor when the dishwasher is in use
  • Premium stainless steel tubs for better heat insulation, durability, and noise reduction.

Many Beko dishwashers also come with a three-position, height-adjustable upper rack, Inner Illumination, and a full-size third rack that removes entirely to provide extra clearance for tall items in the upper rack. While the selection of dishwashers with a third rack in the Beko lineup is substantial, expect to pay a $100 more for the feature and up to $300 when combined with other high-end dishwasher features.

Explore even more perks with high-end Beko dishwashers. Select models feature chemical-free IonGuard odor filtration, HomeWhiz Smart Home control, and AquaIntense wash technology that uses a rotating spray arm for intense water pressure that cleans dishes up to five times better than standard dishwashers. 

Beko Cooking Appliances

Up close look at Dual Fuel burner on Beko PRGR34550CF gas range

With campaigns such as #EatLikeAPro, it’s no surprise Beko cooking appliances come with convenient features that make these goals easier than ever. To make things simple, we’ll dive into Beko ranges, since many of the same features can be found across Beko’s lineup of wall oven and cooktops.

Granted, the selection of range sizes from the Beko lineup isn’t as diverse as the competition, available in just two range sizes: 24-inch ranges and 30-inch ranges. Each size option can be found across pro-style and slide-in sectors in electric, gas, and induction fuel options.

Beko pro gas ranges deliver 20,000 BTUs of power, including Dual Power burners that go from high sears to soft simmers from a single hob with 25 percent better efficiency than standard gas burners. For a sleeker approach, Beko also provides a pro style induction range option with four induction zones complete with rapid heat response and heat control.

Or, consider more affordably priced Beko slide in gas ranges that provide comparable performance with 18,000 BTUs of maximum output. However, when it comes to Beko 24-inch gas ranges, the drop in output is more substantial, tapping out at 10,000 BTUs (although, less output is suggested when cooking in a smaller kitchen).

Shoppers will also appreciate that all Beko 30-inch pro ranges feature the largest oven capacity in its class with 5.7 cubic feet of volume and can even find the same capacity on select slide-in Beko ranges and wall ovens.

Here are a few other features can be shared across various Beko wall ovens and ranges:

  • True European convection
  • SURF convection designed for better heat circulation when cooking multiple levels of foods at once
  • Halogen lighting
  • Programmable self-clean option
  • Intuitive InnovaChef Smart digital display

Beko Compared to Similar Brands

Wide shot of kitchen featuring full suite of Beko appliances in Carbon Black finish

Beko may be the new kid on the block on this side of the globe, but its outstanding performance, quality, and craftsmanship have made it a brand worth keeping an eye on. Naturally, this spotlight has made buyers to wonder, “How does Beko compare to other brands?” For this Beko review, we’re pitting the European favorite against a continental counterpart, Bosch, as well as the one of the biggest Korean brands, Samsung.

Beko vs. Bosch

Shoppers browsing Bosch appliances will find a rich selection of refrigerators and dishwashers, plus a complete lineup of cooking appliances with ranges, rangetops, cooktops, and wall ovens.

The standout stars from Bosch are its dishwashers, which have been described as the best of any class. Bosch dishwashers encompass a wider spectrum of price points, including affordable dishwashers with a third rack under $800, as well as entry-level options around $600. On top of selection, high-end Bosch dishwasher models also come with Zeolite minerals for a drying performance many experts have dubbed the new standard in the industry.

Between refrigerators, Beko and Bosch both offer competitive food preservation. With EverFresh+, Active Fresh Blue Light technology, and NeoFrost Dual Cooling, Beko refrigerators deliver an impressive roundup of innovative features that keep foods well preserved. On the other hand, Bosch’s FarmFresh System™ uses four exclusive technologies that manage air circulation, temperature and humidity, plus odors.

Avid home cooks will find a larger variety from the Bosch cooking appliance lineup, but note, they come at a steeper price point. Still, shoppers with flexible budgets can find more options, including 36-inch ranges along with its more moderately priced 30-inch range options. Additionally, Bosch wall ovens are available in single and double configurations, meanwhile, Beko’s space-saving approach means each wall oven comes as a single unit.

Overall, if you have a more lenient budget, Bosch appliances provide a wider catalog of appliances with reliable performance. On the other hand, Beko appliances are a comparable alternative to its European sister brand ideal for smaller homes, single-member households, and lofts and apartments.

Beko vs. Samsung

Without a doubt, Samsung manufactures some of the best smart appliances available on the market. From Virtual Flame™ technology on Samsung induction cooktops, to Samsung touchscreen refrigerators with Family Hub™, the brand’s aim is clear: Carry major appliances into the modern home.

This is a clear contrast from Beko’s mission (healthy living and family welfare), which focuses on honoring the purpose of each appliance, rather than how an appliance works for you. But that’s not to say Samsung isn’t in tune with what goes on in the average home.

While Beko ranks number one for oven capacity in its class, Samsung surpasses even that with range ovens that provide 5.8 cubic feet of oven space. Plus, with the latest cooking features like Air Fry and WiFi connectivity, Samsung cooking appliances are made with convenience for busy families in mind.

However, with no pro range options available, Samsung falls just short of performance for those who prefer cooking with gas but makes up for it with a wider selection of induction ranges. 

In the end, Samsung’s ideal audience are younger shoppers well versed in technology that appreciate appliances with a modern aesthetic. Conversely, Beko appeals to families of all ages and sizes, with simple designs compatible with a range of kitchen schemes. And although some Samsung appliances occupy the mid-end price tier, the brand is generally more affordable than Beko. 

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With careful attention to function and design, Beko is has become an exceptional option for shoppers who appreciate simplicity and reliable performance. As an authorized dealer of Beko’s fine appliances, at East Coast Appliance you can be sure whichever selection you choose is backed by expert advice and unbeatable service. We hope our honest Beko appliances reviews will help you find the perfect appliances for your home.

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