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Reviewing the Lineage: Bertazzoni Ranges & Recommended Products

by Olly Mason

Whoever said “They just don’t make products like they used to” probably isn’t familiar with Bertazzoni, the Italian luxury brand that’s been crafting appliances the old-fashioned way for well over a century. Distilled with tradition and heritage, Bertazzoni ranges are a nod to the past with design, performance, and technology for the modern home. But beyond a classic look and nostalgia, what else does the brand have to offer? In this article of Bertazzoni range reviews, we’ll go over what to expect, range features, and our pick of favorite Bertazzoni ranges. 

At a Glance:

About Bertazzoni Ranges

Our Top Picks

Gas Range: Bertazzoni Professional Series 30" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range (PROF304GASXT)

Electric Range: Bertazzoni Master Series 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Range (MAST304INMXE)

Dual Fuel: Bertazzoni Heritage Series 36" Matte Black Free Standing Dual Fuel Range (HERT366DFSNET)

48 inch Range: Bertazzoni Professional Series 48" Stainless Steel Pro Style Duel Fuel Range (PROF486GDFSXT)

Best 24 inch Range: Bertazzoni Master Series 24" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range (MAST244GASXE)

Bertazzoni Ranges

In the appliance world, there’s mass production, and then there’s craftsmanship like that found on Bertazzoni appliances. With a legacy of over 135 years tailoring products in honor of Italian tradition, the brand has set itself apart as a leader of custom appliances for the discerning buyer — and that means it’s luxury. The brand best demonstrates that finesse with its lineup of pro-style ranges available in three distinct series: The Professional Series, the Master Series, and the Heritage Series, the latest addition to the Bertazzoni family.

Vintage Italian design is at the core of each line. In the Professional Series, that character is fused with modern aesthetics for a transitional design that works in both historic and new-age kitchens. For the Master Series, Italian charm and restaurant vogue merge for a presentation that’s inspired by fine dining kitchens. The Heritage Series fully embraces the vintage approach with a design that is directly modeled off the original Bertazzoni ranges with refinement that carries it seamlessly into the new age.

And like great Italian cuisine, nothing goes to waste with a Bertazzoni range. All Bertazzoni appliances come with a 2-year warranty and are 99 percent recyclable, adding one more badge of honor to the brand’s name.

Bertazzoni Range Features

Bertazzoni’s roots may be set in tradition, but with models available in all-gas, electric radiant, dual fuel, and induction, the modern home cook is more than at-home with its catalog of ranges. That same catalog includes sizes as accommodating as 24 inches, up to 48-inch pro-style ranges with double ovens.

These Bertazzoni range features can be found throughout each series:

  • Monoblock 19,000 BTU-burner
  • Low-output 750-BTU burner
  • Dual ring flames
  • Nearly every full-size Bertazzoni range comes with dual convection cooking
  • Soft-close door technology
  • Smooth-gliding telescopic oven racks
  • Leading oven capacity (in its class)
  • Quickest boil time (in its class)

Our Picks

Now that you’ve been introduced to the family, let’s take a look at who’s who. For this list of best Bertazzoni ranges, we’ve broken our picks into a category for each buyer, including gas, electric, and dual fuel, plus a few size options.

Gas Range: Bertazzoni Professional Series 30" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range

Front view of Bertazzoni PROF304GASXT gas range

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A fusion of modern design and classic Italian craftsmanship give an extra level of character to this this Bertazzoni gas range for a full experience of one-of-a-kind luxury. Enjoy cooking on four brass burners, including a 19,000-BTU burner will boil speeds as fast as six minutes — the quickest in its class — and gentle simmers with 750 BTUs on all burners. Amply sized with 4.7 cubic feet of oven capacity, full course meals are a delight to whip up with this piece. 

Why we like it: The sleek, versatile look enhances any kitchen scheme, and with a number of color choices from stainless steel to fiery-red and yellow, there’s a finish for ever expression. 

Recommended for: Owners of modern-themed kitchens and gas-cooking purists.


  • Dual convection
  • Designer-inspired knobs
  • Infrared glass broiler
  • Continuous grates
  • 2-year warranty

Electric Range: Bertazzoni Master Series 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Range

Front view of Bertazzoni MAST304INMXE electric range

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Enjoy a sleek take on an original with the added luxury of induction heating featured on this Bertazzoni electric range. Not only do the four heating elements provide the precision, heat control, and responsiveness of a gas flame, but with a virtually cool-to-the-touch surface and Power Bridge technology, cooking is safer and more versatile. And because it’s a Bertazzoni, that means the largest oven volume in its class and dual convection come standard for even more premium performance.

Why we like it: A glass cooktop accentuates the sophistication of Bertazzoni design, while an electric oven produces exceptionally even heat that enhances the superior baking of convection.

Recommended for: New-age home cooks looking for a comparable alternative to gas cooking; shoppers looking to give their kitchen a streamlined look.


  • Power Bridge technology
  • 3,700W heat output
  • 4.7 cubic-foot oven
  • 2-year warranty

Dual Fuel: Bertazzoni Heritage Series 36" Matte Black Free Standing Dual Fuel Range

Front view of Bertazzoni HERT366DFSNET dual fuel range

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This beauty in matte black has all the winning elements to make you swoon. Highlights on this 36-inch Bertazzoni dual fuel range include six deluxe brass burners, an optional center griddle attachment, two 19,000-BTU burners, and a 5.7 cubic-foot oven with six functions. Finished in details from customizable knobs, to a soft-close oven door and smooth-gliding oven racks, this high-end dual fuel range is all about presentation and impressive performance.

Why we like it: A bold statement ideal for grounding open kitchen spaces; doesn’t skimp on the performance expected from Bertazzoni; also available in Stainless Steel (HERT366DFSXT) and Ivory Gloss (HERT366DFSAVT).

Recommended for: Ambitious home cooks who will get a lot of use out of six burners; entertainers looking to add a statement piece to the kitchen.


  • Self-clean oven mode
  • Dual diagonal convection heating 
  • Built-in food temperature probe
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

48 inch Range: Bertazzoni Professional Series 48" Stainless Steel Pro Style Duel Fuel Range

Front view of Bertazzoni PROF486GDFSXT 48-inch range

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Conquer all your culinary goals with this Bertazzoni 48-inch dual fuel range beefed up with six burners, an electric griddle, and double ovens, offering a variety of cooking methods for virtually endless cooking possibilities. Two signature 19,000-BTU burners carry performance on the maintop, while dual convection in the main oven offers professional results no matter where items cook inside the 4.7 cubic-foot interior.

Why we like it: A full lineup of color options and a diverse configuration of cooking methods lets you express the kind of cook you are. The supplementary oven is also ideal for multitasking, such as preparing dessert at the same time as a main course.

Recommended for: Home cooks looking for a multipurpose, professional range with all the bells and whistles. 


  • 7.0 cubic feet total oven capacity
  • Soft-close door design
  • Smooth, telescoping oven racks
  • Built-in food probe 
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

Best 24 inch Range: Bertazzoni Master Series 24" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range

Front view of Bertazzoni MAST244GASXE 24-inch range

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For compact luxury at its finest, you can’t go wrong with this Bertazzoni 24-inch gas range. Featuring the best from the brand, including flexible heat output between 750 and 19,000 BTUs, this space-saving gas range is a smart solution for tight kitchen spaces that crave a high-end experience.

Why we like it: Four burners provide the same cooking configuration as a Bertazzoni 30-inch models on a slimmer profile. We also enjoyed that this pick added a storage drawer at the bottom for more footprint value.

Recommended for: Space-challenged designer kitchens; shoppers who don’t cook as frequently.  


  • 2.4 cubic-foot oven
  • High-powered infrared gas broiler
  • Convection baking
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

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