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Top Appliance Looks from Dacor Appliances

by East Coast Appliance

A kitchen featuring Dacor appliances

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Dacor Refrigerators

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Fans of Samsung appliances might be surprised to know the brand manufacturers its own line of luxury appliance, also known as Dacor appliances. The brand—now more than 60 years in the making—offers homeowners a taste of high-end California design with ultra-chic designs and state-of-the-art features that users who are naturals in the kitchen will love. Today, Dacor products can be found in more than 1,300 dealer showrooms and is a rapidly growing brand in the United States, but with that said, many shoppers are still not familiar with what the brand has to offer.

To learn more about Dacor appliances, including the types of products they sell and why you should buy them, follow along.

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Dacor Refrigerators

Some of the most popular Dacor appliances are refrigerators because of their style and longevity. You can choose from a variety of Dacor refrigerator models if you decide that this is the best brand for your kitchen. Start with a standard side-by-side model that allows you to access the freezer and refrigerator sections equally. From there, you can look into Dacor French door refrigerator models that have three or even four doors. In the four-door models, the freezer has two doors and compartments that can be separated for maximum storage flexibility.

Dacor® Modernist Graphite Stainless Steel Panel Kit

 Front view of the Dacor RAT42AMAAMS quad-door refrigerator

Shop This Dacor Quad-Door Refrigerator

Not only can you find a Dacor 42” refrigerator for your home, but you can also invest in panel kits to match your design preferences. This particular option enables you to place slate panels over your refrigerator so it can match your range, dishwasher, or any other appliances you have. This color is ideal if you need a darker color to add contrast to your kitchen or if you prefer dark gray to standard stainless steel models. Installation of both the refrigerator and the panel kit is easy.

This Dacor Modernist refrigerator is loaded with next-level features. Your freshest produce stays at peak flavor with precise cooling technology, and the special FreshZone drawer with adjustable temperature settings gives you the flexibility to make extra fresh or frozen space.

Dacor Ranges

You can search through a variety of Dacor appliances for cooking in order to find the right setup for your home. Invest in an over-the-range microwave that also provides ventilation for your stove. You can also look into electric ranges and dual-fuel models depending on how you like to cook. Additionally, Dacor includes several ranges with steam reservoirs for extreme bakers, Dual Four-Part Convection baking—the only kind on the market—and up to 22,000 BTUs of heat output on Dacor gas range models.

Prices for Dacor ranges begin around $5,000 and go up to $15,900 for premium 48” models.

Dacor® Contemporary 48" Graphite Stainless Steel Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range

 Front view of the Dacor DOP48M96DPM Contemporary series 48” dual-fuel range

Shop This Dacor 48" Dual Fuel Range

Most people associate double ovens with appliances that need to be installed on your wall. However, there are dual-oven ranges that give you increased flexibility in how you prepare food. This Dacor gas range comes with two side-by-side ovens in different sizes. You can use the smaller oven when you are cooking for one or preparing side dishes and casseroles. Then, fire up the larger model to prepare bigger dishes and family roasts.

This Dacor 48” dual fuel range also has an impressive cooktop. The largest burner comes with 22K BTUs of power to quickly boil water in just a few minutes. The smallest burners operate on 750 BTUs, which is ideal for melting butter and handling delicate ingredients. Even though this is a gas range, you can use the electric griddle placed on the top. Create perfect pancakes and eggs without having to wash a single pan.

Here's another look at a Dacor dual fuel range tailored in the sleek look of the Modernist collection.

Dacor Cooktops & Rangetops

If you have a wall oven, then you will need a separate cooktop to prepare your meals. When you shop for Dacor appliances, you can find cooktops that use gas, induction, or electric heat sources depending on your personal preferences. All of these models are fashionable as well as functional, which means you will be proud to display your cooktop in your kitchen.

Dacor rangetops each come with six burners, while gas and electric cooktops from Dacor offer four or five cooking zones.

Dacor® Contemporary 36" Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

 Overhead view of the Dacor DTG36M955FS 36” gas cooktop

Shop This Dacor 36" Gas Cooktop

This Dacor cooktop has five total burners with different power levels. The center burner operates at a maximum level of 18.5K BTUs, making this one of the most powerful cooktops on the market. The remaining burners can run at 11K BTUs to simmer any delicate causes and can ramp up to an 18K-BTU performance.

While this Dacor 36” gas cooktop is impressive from a performance standpoint, it also has a sleek design that catches the eye. The Illumina™ knobs on the side make it easy to see the different setting options so you can easily control your cooktop. Their placement to the right of the cooktop is also ideal from a safety standpoint. You can quickly adjust your range without leaning over your hot food while also keeping the knobs out of reach from kids

If you choose to add a Dacor ventilation hood to your kitchen package, take advantage of the Bluetooth® and ConnectOn auto-responsive technology which syncs your cooktop to the hood. The ventilation power will adjust based on the number of burners in use and each of their power levels.

Dacor Dishwashers

As you are furnishing your kitchen with Dacor appliances, make sure to add a dishwasher to your total package. A Dacor dishwasher makes cleaning easy. You can stop prewashing your dishes and take advantage of the power that comes with this appliance. Not only will these models leave your dishes spotless, but they will also run quietly without disrupting your household.

Dacor® Contemporary 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

 Front view of the Dacor DDW24M999US dishwasher

Shop This Dacor Dishwasher

This model is a great example of the power and elegance that comes with Dacor products. The dishwasher can hold up to 14 place settings, which means you can quickly clean up after a party or family get-together.

When you turn on the dishwasher, the WaterWall™ spray jet design ensures every scrap of food is washed away. Grease and crumbs have nowhere to hide once these high-pressure streams start up. If you need extra power, use the ZoneBooster to send a targeted stream of water to specific parts of the dishwasher. This protects your delicate plates while ensuring your casserole dish is blasted clean.

Once the cycle is complete, the AutoRelease™ door will pop the dishwasher open so any residual steam can evaporate before you empty the clean dishes. This improves drying performance by up to 35% while using less energy. The AutoRelease™ feature also allows the dishes to cool, so you won’t have to handle hot plates. 

Whether you simply need to replace your dishwasher or want to completely remodel your kitchen, our team at East Coast Appliance is here to help. Check out the Dacor appliances we have in stock or look for promotions and rebates offered by the brand.


Dacor is still a new brand for most buyers, so to get you more familiar with the brand, take a look at what our shoppers ask us about the brand.

Are Dacor appliances reviews positive?

Dacor is still a growing brand in the United States market, which means you won’t find as many reviews for these appliances as you would for brands like Samsung or GE. However, of the customers who purchase Dacor appliances, many leave positive reviews because of the quality and style of the units.

Where are Dacor appliances made?   

Despite being owned by Samsung (a Korean company), Dacor appliances are manufactured in City of Industry, California. This is an American company that has been in operation since 1965 and was only purchased by Samsung in 2016.

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