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5 Best Products from Cafe Appliances

by East Coast Appliance

A Café matte-white 48” range in ai muti-colored kitchen

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Why Trust Us?

If you want your kitchen to look like it costs a million dollars but don’t want to pay Viking or Miele prices, consider shopping for GE Cafe appliances. The line, which was introduced in 2018, is on a mission to provide homeowners with fashionable appliances with a high-end experience, breaking tradition from other premium appliance brands that feel too strait-laced for some. Instead, Café wants to prove that a playful and stylish kitchen doesn’t have to mean all business, and that having a little fun is also part of the joy of designing and owning a gourmet kitchen.

At East Coast Appliance, we’re fans of Café ourselves, so we’ve put together a quick lookbook of a few of our favorite products from the line. Here are some of our favorite Café appliances and why they are an asset to any home.

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Café Refrigerators

You don’t have to look far to find the ideal Café refrigerator for your home. These models come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different spaces and families. You’ll need a cutout at least 36” wide to install a Café refrigerator in your kitchen, but if you have plenty of space, Café also offers 48” refrigerators for maximum food storage. You can also choose from different refrigerator styles, whether you want a side-by-side refrigerator or a unit where the freezer is on the bottom, while Café French door refrigerators remain one of the most popular choices among the catalog.

With that said, make sure you know your budget. While Café refrigerators start at a modest $3,000, premium models tip the scales at over $11,100.  

Café™ 22.3 Cu. Ft. Platinum Glass Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Café CXE22DM5PS5 French door refrigerator

Shop This Cafe French Door Refrigerator

This GE Cafe counter depth refrigerator comes with four doors and three sections, opening up even more storage possibilities than a standard French door fridge. The surprise is the third section, which features adjustable temperature settings that are able to perfectly chill wine, keep your produce fresh, or hold onto cheese platters for later.

We love the simple makeup of this fridge, complete with a smudge-resistant Platinum Glass finish, plus add-ons like built-in Wi-Fi, the Humidity Control System that preserves produce better, and a hands-free water dispensser. It’s no wonder this refrigerator is recommended by 92% of customers from more than more than 3,000 reviews.

Featured Cafe CXE22DM5PS5 refrigerator review: “Not only is this fridge extremely beautiful & aesthetic but it is functional too. My favorite feature is how the LED lights slowly turn on when you open your fridge. I love the auto-fill feature for filling up my large water bottles.”

Café Ovens

If you love baking, then it’s time to upgrade your current model to a Cafe oven. Not only can you enjoy bonus features like convection cooking and air fry capabilities in most models, but you can invest in a reliable oven that will last for years. You’ll be able to recognize a Cafe oven by its uniqiue hardware with a metallic accent, but the industry knows Cafe wall ovens for powerful features like Advantium Technology, no-preheat Air Fry, integrated Wi-Fi, and the ability to download new bake settings.

Prices for Cafe ovens start at around $3,100 for speed ovens, $3,450 for single ovens, $4,675 for double ovens, and max out around $7,445 for its most expensive model.

Café™ Professional Series 30" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

Front view of the Café CTS90FP2NS1 French door oven

Shop This Cafe French Door Oven

It’s time to say goodbye to your traditional pull-down wall oven. Once you invest in this model by Café, you won’t have to reach over a hot door ever again. Instead of a door that opens down, this oven comes with two French doors that open to the side, which gives you easier access to the space. These doors can also reduce the amount of heat that leaves the oven when you check to see if your meal is done because you are only opening the appliance halfway. It’s a beauty to look at, and with upgrades like true convection, no-preheat Air Fry technology, and a steam self-cleaning mode, using this premium oven is just as a beautiful of an experience.

The Café appliances reviews for this oven  are overwhelmingly positive, with 96% of users saying they would recommend the product. Take a look at one of our favorite reiews.

Featured Cafe CTS90FP2NS1 oven review:My wife has been wanting this French door oven for a while. We recently remodeled our kitchen and it adds charm and elegance. So happy we purchased this item.”

Café Ranges

If you’re a fan of Monogram ranges—GE’s other luxury line—but the price tag is outside your budget, a Cafe range is a worthy alternative. Ranges from the line are available in a variety of fuel sources and styles to suit every type of home cook. Choose a Cafe gas range for a taste of meal prep the professional way or an electric or induction range that can fit into smaller spaces (without sacrificing power).

Café ranges come mainly in 30” builds, so there’s no concern about fitting into most kitchens. However, if you’re looking for a bigger cooking station, you can also explore 36” and 48” models, all which provide six cooking zones. The cost of owning a Café range ranges between $2,900 and $12,600.

Café™ 36" Matte Black Pro Style Dual Fuel Range

Front view of the Café C2Y366P3TD1 36” dual fuel range

Shop This Cafe 36" Range

This Café 36” range comes with six gas burners in different sizes—including two 18,000-BTU Power Boil burners that can heat water to boiling temperatures within a matter of minutes. With the edge-to-edge design, you can place large pans or a griddle on these burners to prepare your meals.

The portion below boasts a large-capacity oven big enough for a full-size catering pan and comes with three easily-adjustable racks for better safety and ease of use. This model is finished in Café’s exclusive matte black finish, which is a great way to anchor kitchens that happen to be larger. Mix and match it with other metallic accents for a triumph in modern décor that will look as delicious as the meals you make in this pro-style range.

✅ Featured Café C2Y366P3TD1 range review: Looks like an expensive professional range, and the various levels of burner BTUs make it especially easy to find the right burner for frying, sautéing, simmering, stir-frying, etc. The roll-out shelf in the oven is a helpful feature, particularly for heavy roasting pans.”

Café Dishwashers

While a dishwasher might not be as exciting as a fiery range or powerful oven, it still plays an essential role in the running of your kitchen.

Like other Café appliances, you can customize your dishwasher with hardware that matches your other kitchen decor. Even small details (like the handle colors on your appliances) can have a big impact on how people perceive your home. This is Café’s smallest lineup with fewer than 10 models to select from, but buyers have a choice between a traditional dishwasher or dishwasher drawers for prices between $1,200 and $1,900.

Café™ 24" Matte White Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of the Café CDT845P4NW2 dishwasher

Shop This Cafe White Dishwasher

This Cafe dishwasher comes with 10 different cycles that you can choose from. If you are in a hurry, turn on the one-hour wash so you can quickly get clean dishes in your hands. If you are worried about washing harmful bacteria from your cookware, choose the sanitize option. This will use extra heat to burn away any harmful germs from your plates. This model also comes with a clean sensor that uses intelligent monitors that determine how dirty wash water is to customize the wash time and water temperature. This top-rated Cafe dishwasher is one of the best from the lineup, with over 950 5-star reviews from happy users.

✅ Featured Cafe CDT845P4NW2 dishwasher review: “I absolutely love my Café appliances! The dishwasher has bottle jets, adjustable racks, and a knife rack. It is the best!”

Café Microwaves

Microwaves are essential appliances for most homes, and in fact, over 90% of households own and use a microwave. From reheating last night’s pasta to preparing popcorn for movie night, your microwave provides quick bursts of heat with minimal cleanup.

As you search for Café appliances, consider upgrading your microwave as well. It might be time to replace your countertop microwave with a built-in model or an over-the-range unit with the same great style unique to Café. Models from the lineup range between $550 and $2,200.

GE Cafe™ 1.2 Cu.Ft. Matte Black Built In Microwave Drawer

Front view of the Café CWL112P3RD5 matte-black built-in microwave

Shop This Cafe Built In Microwave

If you have never heard of a microwave drawer, it might be the solution to regaining countertop space that you never knew about. With just a small cutout in kitchen cabinetry or an island, you can install this built-in microwave and enjoy a sleek kitchen design. When you are ready to heat up your food, pull out the drawer and place the dish into the bottom of the microwave. The controls are located on top of the microwave drawer, but otherwise, the appliance blends in with your existing cabinetry.

✅ Featured Cafe microwave CWL112P3RD5 review: “Not only is my microwave beautiful, it is efficient and cooks my food evenly. I love the lock controls since it is in reach of little fingers.”

Whether you need to replace a specific unit in your kitchen or want to replace your entire space, shop Café appliances at East Coast Appliance. We offer multiple opportunities to save on these units, from Café appliance packages to special promotions and rebates offered by the manufacturer. See what East Coast Appliance currently has in stock and find your next dream appliance by Café today.


Get to know about Café a little more as we answer questions shoppers have about the brand.

Are GE Café appliances good?

GE Café appliances have quickly gained a reputation for being stylish while offering quality performance levels. They have several features that customers find valuable and can withstand high levels of use. If you are in the market for new appliances, consider the Café line by GE.

What company makes Café appliances?

Café is part of the GE family, occupying the brand’s affordable luxury line.

Is GE Café better than Profile?

GE Profile vs Café appliances are one of the most common questions buyers have when shopping the GE portfolio. GE Profile focuses on smart features and modern designs and are typically more affordable than Café appliances. Café appliances are suited for luxury buyers, specifically homeowners who want unique appliances from the category

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