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A Guide to Luxury Refrigeration

by Olly Mason

Deciding on which kitchen appliance to go all out on for your next kitchen remodel or upgrade? The choices are plenty, but if your kitchen is a busy hub for hungry grubbers, a luxury refrigerator is a smart solution that’ll please every member of your home. If you’re curious as to why you should invest in a high-end fridge, give this guide a read to learn why luxury refrigeration is a priceless investment.

Personalized Style

Close your eyes and imagine your dream kitchen. We’re willing to bet the refrigerator in your mind wasn’t a standard top-freezer refrigerator. Maybe it blends right into the kitchen, thanks to custom panel inserts, or maybe it’s fitted with complementary brass handles that brilliantly accentuate your kitchen’s metallic undertones. No matter what you’ve imagined, it’s the special attention to details that make your dream refrigerator feel larger-than-life.

While standard refrigerators are designed to appeal to the masses, luxury refrigerators cater to your unique and personal tastes. Rather, instead of designing around what is available, high-end refrigerators work to meet your visions by creating a kitchen that is fresh and edgy—never cookie-cutter.

Exclusive Features

Take a moment to remember the last time you enjoyed an outing of fine dining—maybe the Michelin-awarded Inn at Little Washington located just an hour away from our Fredericksburg showroom. Every element put into each culinary creation is carefully crafted with respect to ingredients and expert flavor combinations.

This is exactly what having a luxury-brand refrigerator in your kitchen feels like. A high-end fridge doesn’t simply store produce; it  keeps the just-picked flavor of a weekend farmer’s market haul at its peak. A luxury refrigerator won’t just store the catch of the day; it preserves the subtleties of the waters where it was caught.

To put it simply, food is a satisfying pleasure, but with a standard refrigerator in your home, even the highest caliber of foods can downgrade in quality.

So, what should you look for in a premium-brand refrigerator? The features will vary between brands and models, but generally, a high-end refrigerator will have the following:

  • Dual refrigerator compressors to prevent odors from transferring between the freezer and refrigerator
  • Dual evaporators that create independent refrigerator climate zones, boost up the humidity for fruits, and keep veggies crisp by keeping humidity down
  • Tightly sealed doors and drawers with optimize temperature and humidity retention
  • Precise temperature control to the degree
  • Drawers with independent refrigerator climate controls
  • Adjustable shelf configuration to accommodate tall pitchers, wide casserole dishes, and sheet cakes
  • Water filters and ice dispensers
  • State-of-the-art interior illumination
  • Smart-device compatibility

Outlasting Performance

Having a long list of exclusive refrigerator features is nice, but it doesn’t mean much without a trusted name to back up the performance. That’s because luxury refrigerators are built with higher standards and better materials that not only improve the look of the appliance, but provide it with a longer lifetime of usage. Take Sub-Zero refrigerators, for instance, which are designed to last a minimum of 20 years!

Here’s an example of a standard refrigerator versus a luxury refrigerator. While conventional refrigerators might use cost-efficient plastic on the interior, luxury refrigerators go the extra mile and are coated with metal, like fully-clad stainless steel. The latter is more durable and prolongs the overall lifespan of the refrigerator, while also providing a polished and cohesive look to match the exterior’s style.

Luxury Refrigerator Brands Worth the Investment

While any one of our luxury refrigerators will provide your kitchen with high caliber, here are a few from reputable luxury brands that are especially enticing.

Pictured: Viking® Professional 7 Series 20 Cu. Ft. Fully Integrated Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (VBI7360WLSS)

Viking product image for refrigerator MVBI7360WLSS

When we said attention to detail, this Viking refrigerator was exactly what we were talking about. Ergonomically designed, this Viking fridge uses a slim water dispenser built right into the side wall for maximum shelf capacity and features glass shelves infused with Nano technology to contain spills on the spot. Easy gliding bottom drawer freezers make accessing your frozen foods effortless while articulated door hinges open flush with cabinetry to avoid damage from banging. All this plus dual refrigerator compressors and temperature control settings make this a complete package of luxury and performance.

Pictured: Bertazzoni Heritage Series 21 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator-Stainless Steel (REF36X)

Bertazzoni product image for French door refrigerator REF36X

With the Bertazzoni Heritage Series French Door Refrigerator, you can cater to your champagne taste on a budget. This 4-door luxury French door fridge features custom handles for a touch of timeless tradition that beautifully complements the modern stainless-steel finish. Inside, foldable shelves provide optimal food storage flexibility while two pull-out freezer drawers below let you easily organize frozen items. 

Pictured: Thermador® Freedom® 19.4 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built-In French Door Bottom Freezer (T36IT901NP)

Thermador product image of French door refrigerator T36IT901NP

Talk about your fridge working for you. This Thermador French Door Bottom Freezer refrigerator impresses with an Auto Door Opening function that responds to the gentlest push or pull, so even when your hands are full, you have an extra pair at your aid. New bar lighting beautifully illuminates the interior making quick location a cinch. Diamond ice technology doesn’t just look nice—the slow-melting property make it a perfect addition to cocktails you’ll want to savor for more than just a sip.

Pictured: Monogram® 20.76 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In French Door Refrigerator (ZIPS360NNSS)

This Monogram luxury side-by-side refrigerator is a showstopper on the outside in either stainless steel or a panel insert, and it continues to impress inside with storage options galore. Every inch is designed to maximize food storage with complementary LED lighting in the main fridge space and individual drawers.

Pictured: Sub-Zero® PRO 48" Stainless Steel Frame Side-by-Side Refrigerator (PRO4850G)

Sub-Zero product image of side-by-side refrigerator PRO4850G

If you prize individuality, then this Sub-Zero 6-door side-by-side refrigerator has your name written all over it. A trendy glass-panel fridge door saves energy by allowing you to see what’s inside without even opening the door. Once you open the doors and bottom-freezer drawers, you’ll find stainless-steel bins, metal trim and glass shelves that look just as cool as they’ll keep the inside of this refrigerator.

Find a Custom Fit

It’s important to remember that luxury refrigerators are designed to look and feel custom. In order to achieve a completely satisfactory experience, make sure you’ve properly prepped your kitchen by giving the space a thorough measurement.

Find everything you need to get familiar with the process, including how to properly measure your appliances, here in guide to shopping for appliances. Our experts are also available online or at a showroom near you to help make the transition from store and into your home smooth and luxurious.

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