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4 Quality French Door Refrigerators Under $1500

by East Coast Appliance

A long shot of a Whirlpool black stainless steel French door refrigerator

At a Glance:

Option 1: The Frigidaire FRQG1721AV

Option 2: The Frigidaire FRFG1723AV

Option 3: The LG LFCS22520S

Option 4: The Samsung RF20A5101SR


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While it works 24/7 to keep your food cool, do you know how many times you open the doors to take something out? Large households might open their refrigerator doors 30 to 40 times per day. Scatterbrained cooks might need the refrigerator 10 times over the course of a single recipe. You need to find your items quickly and trust that your food will stay cool — no matter how many times the doors are opened.

One way to preserve energy is with a French door refrigerator. These appliances do a better job of keeping cool air in while providing the clear organization you need than other styles of refrigerators, but they tend to cost more. However, if you are considering a French door refrigerator, here are four models to choose from under $1,500.

Before You Buy: Top Refrigerator Brands

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French Door Refrigerators

1. Frigidaire® 17.4 Cu. Ft. Brushed Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Frigidaire FRQG1721AV French door refrigerator

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It’s possible to find a quality refrigerator with French doors that doesn’t cost a lot of money. One of the top options on the market right now is this stainless steel model by Frigidaire. Its 17 cubic feet of storage is ideal for a couple or a small family while the LED interior lighting makes it easy to find your food — even when it’s hidden in the back.  

This model comes with a four-door design, which means you can enjoy two sets of French doors that provide greater organization flexibility. Both the refrigerator and freezer come with a set of French doors, allowing you to optimize storage space and reduce the amount of cool air lost each time you use your fridge.

This Frigidaire French door refrigerator is one of the best options on the market. There are hundreds of customer reviews that highlight all the benefits of this fridge. One reviewer says, “I'm a big fan of the glass shelving and see thru plastic doors - I think it definitely helps you get a better view at what's in the fridge, especially the deli drawer and crispers.” 

✅ Tip: If you want to save a little more, get this models as a white French door refrigerator.

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2. Frigidaire® 17.6 Cu. Ft. Brushed Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Frigidaire FRFG1723AV French door refrigerator

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You can also opt for a little more storage space while sticking with the Frigidaire brand by choosing this model. This stainless steel refrigerator only has three doors: one set of French doors in the top compartment and a pull-out drawer for the freezer in the bottom. However, you gain slightly more storage space, which helps if you normally have a packed fridge.

Most Frigidaire refrigerator models, including this one, come with the company’s proprietary EvenTemp® cooling system, which continues to circulate air while preventing freezer burn. This system will kick on whenever you open the refrigerator to prevent warm air from affecting your food. You can also enjoy the auto-close doors that automatically shut when they are less than five inches from closing. This way you will never accidentally leave your refrigerator doors open.

Check out customer reviews to learn why people like this model. One reviewer said it is ideal for empty nesters that don’t need a larger refrigerator to store food. 

3. LG 21.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the LG LFCS22520S French door refrigerator

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This LG French door refrigerator is a quality option if you need to store enough food to feed a family. The freezer can store up to 12 lbs. of ice, perfect for a party where everyone wants a chilled drink. The French door refrigerator comes with two crisper drawers, which can store fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other perishable items.

When you buy this refrigerator, you’ll enjoy LG’s Smart Cooling® system which, maintains a consistent temperature in fridge compartment at all times. When you open the refrigerator to grab a cup of yogurt or a glass of water, the Linear Compressor immediately reacts and sends a blast of cool are into the space. If you have hungry teens that seem to open the refrigerator every hour, you need an advanced cooling system.

Almost 90% of reviewers say they would take home this French door refrigerator again. One reviewer writes, “With a little adjustment the door bins hold a lot of jars and bottles. They no longer take up valuable real estate on the shelves.”

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4. Samsung 19.5 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Samsung RF20A5101SR French door refrigerator

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If you are willing to go slightly over budget to buy an appliance that you love, consider this Samsung French door refrigerator. The brand develops appliances where the refrigerator and freezer are controlled separately using dual compressors. If one section breaks, it’s unlikely that you will lose all of your food. You can also enjoy the Twin Cooling Plus® system that maintains even temperatures no matter how often the doors are opened.

This is a Wi-Fi-connected refrigerator, so you can download the Samsung SmartThings App to change the temperature or receive alerts if something is wrong with the appliance. If you already have Samsung appliances in your house, consider adding to your collection and controlling your home through one singular app.

Read customer reviews to learn why people like this refrigerator and how it makes managing a household easier. 

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How to Shop for French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are incredibly popular right now, which is why there are so many of these appliances on the market. When you first start your search, you might be surprised by the number of options you have. Don’t worry. You can follow a simple process to narrow your search and find the best models for your needs.

  1. Choose the right size. Large families need large refrigerators, while smaller families and couples can save money by buying smaller appliances. Filter out any models that don’t meet your size needs.
  2. Identify any must-have features. Some buyers want an exterior ice and water dispenser while others need a Wi-Fi-compatible appliance. Before you consider any French door refrigerator, make sure it has the essential features you need.
  3. Set a budget. You can find plenty of refrigerators for less than $1,500 and some for under $1,000. Decide on a price range for your new appliance.
  4. Explore different brands. Each appliance brand is different. Spend time looking at Frigidaire models and comparing them to refrigerators by LG, Samsung, and GE. This is where you can get picky about the design and style of your fridge.
  5. Decide which color you want. Most refrigerators come in black, white, or stainless steel. You might find that a white French door refrigerator costs less than other color options available.

Every buyer has his or her own priorities when shopping for refrigerators. This process can help you cut through the marketing noise and unnecessary features to focus on what you need. Set your own goals for a new refrigerator and find a French-door model that exceeds them. Or, stop by and have one of our experts help you. Our specialists at East Coast Appliance are ready to work with you to discover a French door refrigerator under $1,500 that you’ll love.


To round out our guide, let’s take a look as some common questions we get about French door refrigerators.

Do you lose space with a French door refrigerator?

You will not lose space by investing in a French door refrigerator. It is actually the opposite: French door models usually have more space than their side-by-side counterparts. They have more shelving in the doors and can have a larger refrigeration compartment. These models also tend to have more freezer space in the lower compartments.

How long do French door fridges last?

French door refrigerators have a similar lifespan as other appliances. Most models are designed to last more than 10 years. You may notice that by year 12, your refrigerator stops performing as well as it used to. Some brands will produce models that last longer than others. Check buyer reviews to see which appliances are the most reliable.

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