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Under Counter Wine Coolers Ranked by Price

by East Coast Appliance

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Viking Professional 5 Series Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Café Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Monogram Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

XO Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Samsung Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

GE Stainless Steel Wine Cooler


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An under counter wine cooler is an ideal appliance if you enjoy entertaining in your home. Add this wine cooler to a finished basement so you have drinks for a movie night. You can also place these coolers outside on a patio or outdoor kitchen so guests don’t have to walk inside to get a chilled drink. These wine coolers even have a place in your indoor kitchen if you need extra room in the refrigerator.

But which is the best under counter wine cooler on the market? How can you tell one appliance from another when making a purchase? Here are a few top options to consider as you remodel the entertaining areas in your home. Choose a built-in wine cooler that has the performance and capacity that you need.

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Wine Coolers

1. Viking® Professional 5 Series 5.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Viking Professional Steel Wine Cooler

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Viking is one of the top refrigerator brands to choose from and is trusted by professional chefs everywhere. If you are a fan of fine wines and other perfectly-chilled beverages, consider purchasing this under counter wine cooler. This model can store up to 20 wine bottles total or up to 162 12 oz. cans. This means you can stock up for a major party or simply bring back your favorite wines from your vacation to Southern California or France.

This wine cooler is ENERGY STAR® Qualified and comes with digital controls. It is 24 inches wide and 34 inches high. You can choose whether you want the door to swing from the left or the right. It also comes with a stainless steel finish.

2. Café™ 4.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Wine Coole

Café Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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Café is another top-quality brand to consider as you look for wine coolers. This particular model can hold up to 46 wine bottles at a time, which is ideal for wine savants who enjoy collecting their favorite years. This model can also store up to eight magnum bottles (1.5 liters) without ever scratching a label. Your family can be ready to pop champagne at a moment’s notice, whether you are celebrating a major event or spending time with friends at the end of a long week.

This under counter wine cooler connects to the WiFi and can be managed through the SmartHQ app. With your phone, change the temperature or adjust the LED lighting depending on your personal preferences.

The customer reviews for this cooler are overwhelmingly positive. They mention the impressive capacity for the refrigerator’s size and enjoy perfectly chilled wine whenever guests are over.   

3. Monogram 24" Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Monogram Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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If you are looking for a wine cooler that has a high storage capacity with a stunning design, check out this option by Monogram. This model can hold up to 57 bottles that can be stored either horizontally or vertically.

The soft LED lighting is a change from the traditional glare of small refrigerators. You can also turn on this lighting before you open the refrigerator and look through the glass to determine which bottle you want. This makes the selection process easier while preventing your wines from being exposed to hot temperatures.

Customers who have purchased this product mention how stunning their wine looks on the professionally-designed racks. The only complaint is that the cooler doesn’t restock itself with quality wines and chilled drinks.  

4. XO 24" Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

XO Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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You aren’t limited to a single door under counter wine cooler as you consider your different options. This model by XO has French doors for easy organization and energy conservation. There are two sides that can be set at different temperatures for your drinks. Store your wine bottles on one side and other beverages on the other so each of your guests can find their ideal drinks.

The beverage center can chill drinks at a 34-degree setting and can hold up to 60 12 oz. cans. The wine cellar can hold up to 21 bottles of wine and can drop down to 41 degrees. This is an ideal option if you are friends with both wine and beer drinkers – or if you have children who might want to grab a soda out of the refrigerator.

5. Samsung® 5.1 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Samsung Fingerprint Resistant Wine Cooler

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If you already have a Samsung refrigerator in your home, you can continue to enjoy perfectly-chilled drinks with an under counter wine cooler. This model can store up to 51 bottles comfortably, so your favorite options are always on-hand.

One of the main benefits of this option is its stability. The 100% telescopic rails prevent the bottles from rattling around or rolling onto each other. You don’t have to worry about one bottle scratching another. The digital controls allow you to see your temperature settings and make adjustments based on your chilling needs.

Customer reviews mention the high value for the price. The controls are easy to use and the cooler stores several bottles easily.   

6. Frigidaire® 22" Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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Consider this option by Frigidaire if you are looking for a freestanding wine cooler that can be placed anywhere in your home. You can set the temperature range from 41 to 64 degrees depending on the types of beverages you want to chill. Enjoy your wine as it was meant to be consumed – and not a degree higher or lower than the creators intended.

This Frigidaire wine cooler can hold up to 38 wine bottles at its maximum capacity. This is impressive for a refrigerator that is only 22 inches wide. This model also comes with two temperature zones, which means you can keep sparkling wine at cooler temperatures while storing your reds at an appropriate warmer level.

Customers appreciate how the dual zones chill wines perfectly and how easily the door seals shut.  

7. GE® 4.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

GE Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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This GE wine cooler can meet your capacity needs while staying within your budget. It can store up to 109 cans or 31 bottles depending on what you need to chill. It comes with five genuine oak shelves that can match your patio design or add wood to your existing entertainment area. The door is made of stainless steel and comes with a large glass window to see inside.  

You can place this wine cooler underneath your countertops if you already have built-in space for the appliance. It can also stand alone as needed. Customers who bought this wine cooler highlight the quality of GE appliances and how perfect the size of this model is. Call East Coast Appliance for the best price on this GE wine cooler.


Can you place your under counter wine cooler outside?

Some wine cooler models can handle being placed outdoors; however, it depends on where it is placed and where you live. Make sure your wine cooler won’t be exposed to the sun directly or come into contact with water, snow, and ice. If you have your wine cooler on the patio, it should continue to perform. Also, check the brand to see if the model is approved for outdoor use.

Where should I place my wine cooler?

The living room is one of the most common places to store wine coolers. Homeowners can drink wine while they entertain guests or while they enjoy their favorite shows. Other popular locations include your dining area, patio, or even your pool area – as long as your wine cooler isn’t exposed to chlorine.

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