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What's Included in KitchenAid Appliance Packages?

by East Coast Appliance

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What is Included in KitchenAid Appliance Packages?

Top Kitchen Appliance Packages for Your Home


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Some people love shopping for appliances. They read countless reviews and comparison blogs that highlight key features and identify which items provide the most value. Buying a new appliance comes with the thrill of hunting down a good deal for a useful product.

Other people hate buying new appliances for their homes. They don’t want to research one appliance, much less several to outfit an entire kitchen. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for these buyers: appliance packages. These are groups of items from the same brand that you can buy with one click, completing the shopping process in just a few minutes.

Whether you need to replace a few items in your kitchen or are completing a full remodel, consider purchasing a KitchenAid appliance package. Learn what is included in these packages and choose the best one for your needs.

Explore KitchenAid Appliance Packages

KitchenAid Appliance Packages

What is Included in KitchenAid Appliance Packages?

Appliance packages come in a variety of sizes and offer different options to customers. However, the goal is to provide homeowners with the essential items needed to have a functioning kitchen. Here are a few common items you can find in a traditional appliance package. 

KitchenAid Oven

Almost every kitchen in the United States comes with an oven. While stove tops and ranges will vary in their power source and sizes, ovens remain consistent in their performance. As you look into different packages, make sure you find an oven that meets all of your needs. It should be the right size for your family and have adjustable racks so you can prepare a variety of dishes when guests come over.

KitchenAid Electric Range

An electric range comes with two appliances built into one, adding value for customers. The range on the top will have four or five burners of different sizes. The oven on the bottom can come with various capabilities, including steam bake and air fry functionality. This is an optimal model for smaller kitchens where there is only one place for your cooktop and oven.

KitchenAid Cooktop

If an appliance package doesn’t have a range, then it will likely include an electric cooktop. Installing a cooktop and oven separately gives kitchen designers more flexibility. They can place the range almost anywhere that works for their cooking needs. If the package comes with a cooktop, it will usually have a built-in wall oven as well.

KitchenAid Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktops are usually included in high-end appliance packages. With this option, it is more common to pair the cooktop with a built-in wall oven or even double ovens. You can find appliance packages that have luxury models, including Wi-Fi-connected refrigerators and other smart devices.

KitchenAid Range Hood

Range hoods are essential appliances for most homes; however, they come in many forms. You might have a freestanding range in the middle of your kitchen or install a built-in range that is part of your microwave. Most appliances will include at least some type of range hood to prevent the spread of smoke and grease.

KitchenAid Refrigerator

Not all appliance packages include refrigerators, but you may want to choose one that does. The main thing to look at when evaluating a refrigerator is its size. You need one that is large enough to hold your family’s groceries but you don’t want to overpay for a large appliance. If there are only two of you living at home, you don’t need a refrigerator that is meant for a family of eight.

KitchenAid Dishwasher

Some of the larger packages include a dishwasher to fully outfit a kitchen. Basic packages might add a standard dishwasher, while more advanced options will include models that have several bonus features. You can buy a KitchenAid dishwasher that connects to Wi-Fi, has extra shelves built-in, and is designed to conserve water and energy.

Top Kitchen Appliance Packages for Your Home

If you love the idea of buying all of your appliances at once, explore a few package options by KitchenAid. Here are three package examples to show you what is usually included.

KitchenAid® 2 Piece Kitchen Package-Stainless Steel

KitchenAid 2 Piece Appliance Package

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Kitchen appliance packages don’t have to be complex or expensive. There are times when it just makes sense to buy two items that are meant to work together. For example, this KitchenAid appliance package comes with two items: an electric range and an overhead microwave.

The microwave in this package is meant to be installed about the range and filter grease and smoke, so buying both parts together makes sense. You won’t have to worry about different brands contrasting against each other in their designs and you can immediately start using your range knowing your microwave vent will filter any odors. Both appliances can stand alone on their own merit, but together they create a full-functioning kitchen set.

You can buy this KitchenAid microwave and KitchenAid range in stainless steel for less than $2000. Read customer reviews to see what it would be like if you chose this package for your home.

KitchenAid® 4 Piece Kitchen Package-Stainless Steel

Stainless steel KitchenAid 4 piece appliance package

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One of the best reasons to buy KitchenAid appliance packages is that you can completely fill your kitchen will appliances without having to research each individual piece. If you find a brand you love, why not invest in matching appliances across the board? This package is a great example of buying all of your kitchen examples at once. It comes with four key items: an electric range, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a French-door refrigerator.

This option builds on the previous two-piece KitchenAid appliance package with the over-range microwave and oven with an electric cooktop. It adds a built-in dishwasher which is designed to fit in most homes and offers the flexibility you expect with KitchenAid products. The KitchenAid French-door refrigerator comes with an impressive 27 cubic feet of storage capacity and an exterior water and ice dispenser. You will love having this appliance in your home.

 Read customer reviews to learn more about the buyer experience. 

KitchenAid® 5 Piece Kitchen Package

KitchenAid 5 piece kitchen package

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There is a KitchenAid appliance package for any budget, which means expert home cooks can outfit their kitchens with the most advanced appliances that are also known for their reliability. This third option comes with a KitchenAid refrigerator and dishwasher, along with a KitchenAid built-in oven, gas cooktop, and mounted range hood.

This package highlights how flexible kitchen designs can be. You can place the range almost anywhere that your gas hookup can reach. Consider installing it on an island and making the range hood a centerpiece. You can also tuck the cooktop along the wall and place the built-in microwave next to it. Spend some time designing your ideal kitchen so you can easily prepare multiple dishes at once.

Read customer reviews to learn more about all five appliances.


Who buys appliance packages?

Appliance packages are ideal for people who are flipping a house and don’t want to spend a lot of time making purchase decisions. These packages are also useful for homeowners who want a unified kitchen with the same brand of appliances installed at once. If you prefer one kitchen appliance brand over others, consider buying an entire package instead of piecing your kitchen together. 

Can you save money by buying an appliance package?

One way to save money on appliances is to choose a package instead of buying each item individually. You can save on delivery costs while also saving time in the research process. Some companies offer discounts for buying multiple items through a package and you could qualify for rebates through the manufacturer.

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