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Frigidaire Wall Oven Reviews - What Buyers Say

by The Experts at East Coast Appliance

Built in Frigidaire Wall Oven

At a Glance:

A well-functioning oven is essential to the comfort of your home. No one wants their perfect chocolate chip cookies to come out burnt on the bottom or for their banana bread to be raw on the inside. If you enjoy hosting friends and family members, you need an oven that can keep up with your party dishes, Thanksgiving dinners, and various other snacks and treats. Can a Frigidaire wall oven meet that challenge?

Get to know the appliances by Frigidaire, along with the features that make a few of their ovens stand out. Read reviews from customers who purchased these appliances before you to see what they love about their wall ovens. The right oven will support whatever you cook, from asparagus to ziti.

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Frigidaire Wall Ovens

Frigidaire® 27" Stainless Steel Oven/Micro Combo Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire microwave oven combo

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This model allows you to have both an oven and a microwave in your home. You will never have to take up precious counter space with a countertop microwave, and you can easily use both appliances at once. The microwave is one of the top parts of the appliance, followed by the oven controls and finally, the oven itself. 

There are multiple features that you will want to use if you choose this model. Enjoy the Air Fry, No Preheat, Slow Cook, Bread Proof, and Dehydrate features just to get started. Whatever you plan to cook or bake, this oven and microwave combo can support you.

This model starts at $2,800 with options for delivery. You can also opt for the team at East Coast Appliance to haul away your old oven, so you don’t have to dispose of it yourself. This smaller oven and microwave combo is ideal for homeowners who don’t have as much kitchen space as they would like.

Frigidaire® 27" Stainless Steel Oven/Micro Combo Reviews

This smaller oven is newer to the market but is quickly growing in popularity. So far, customers are happy with the features and performance of this brand. One Frigidaire wall oven review even highlights how it’s a significant replacement from the Kenmore brand the homeowner used to have!

“New for me”

“Only had a few weeks but love my new oven. Works great and doesn't emit excessive heat.”

  • Bat66, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

“Very nice”

“Is far better than the Kenmore that it replaced!”

  • Hamsman, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

Frigidaire is committed to offering the best ovens possible to customers. The company continues to add new features and improve the performance of the appliances it debuts.

Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire double oven

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If you have a large family or simply enjoy big meals with friends and guests, consider investing in a double oven for your home. Double ovens allow you to cook entire meals at once. You can keep a holiday ham in your bottom oven while you work on bread rolls, green beans, or a variety of other dishes on the top. You will never have to worry about keeping a side dish warm while you finish cooking your main course.

Not only is this 30" oven ideal for people who love to cook, it’s a top option for homeowners who hate to clean. This is a Frigidaire self-cleaning oven with two, three, and even four-hour cycles. You won’t have to worry about your oven getting smokey or producing unwanted odors.

This particular model is popular because of its control panel. It has digital touch keys that allow you to customize your meal prep. You can even set a specific broil temperature between 400-550 degrees. This means you can broil tonight’s pork chops and tomorrow’s French onion soup two different ways.

Prices for this oven start at $2,000, and delivery options and haul away options for your old oven. There are also multiple finishes you can choose from to match the oven to your kitchen.

Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Double Oven Reviews

This is one of the most popular ovens on the market. Regardless of whether you specifically want a Frigidaire oven or are browsing other brands, this model will frequently come up as one of the most highly-rated options. Here is what a few customers have to say about this purchase experience.

“Love the oven!”

“From the sleek looks, the roominess, and the touch screen controls, to being able to bake with even heat, this has been a worthwhile purchase for us!”

  • Liltrouble68, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

“Clean Lines with Bells and Whistles.”

“This sleek new stainless steel oven is everything I wanted and more. The clean lines and the touchscreen controls are features that have wowed me over and over. Worth every penny!”

  • Costner01, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

“Excellent Double Oven”

“We are very happy with this double oven. We have used it on convection mode, oven mode, broil mode and all have worked great. It is easy to use and understand. Installation was easy. It looks great with the rest of our new kitchen. It is quiet and does not heat our house up like our previous oven. Definitely recommend this product!”

  • Kingsfan, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

Many of the reviews highlight not only the performance of the oven (which is essential for home cooks across the country) but also how it looks in the home. This oven can be an asset to your kitchen design.

Frigidaire® 27" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire single oven

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Not every home is big enough to hold a Frigidaire double oven. If you have a smaller space, consider this single oven model. It is a basic Frigidaire wall oven that can fit almost any home. This oven has multiple racks, so you can cook multiple dishes at once, even without owning multiple ovens.

This oven has multiple features that can make cooking easier. Take advantage of the cook time setting options that turn off your oven after a certain amount of time. This way, you won’t accidentally burn your food if you need to leave the kitchen shortly. There is also a keep warm setting if dinner is delayed – or if you want to keep your homemade peach cobble at the perfect temperature for dessert. 

Pricing for this oven starts at $1,800. This is a standard stainless steel model with black glass and a touchpad. You can opt for delivery and removal of your previous oven for an easier remodeling process.  

Frigidaire® 27" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven Reviews

This model is a great place to start if you are looking for a Frigidaire convection oven. Reviewers talk about the high-performance options for this oven — especially compared to previous brands they have owned. 

“Excellent ovens!”

“There is a bit of a learning curve to using convection type ovens, but then they are really great! They really look great, too.”

  • TomBr, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

“New appliance purchase”

“This oven replaced my Whirlpool double wall oven. What a big difference. The Frigidaire double wall oven is extremely quiet compared to the noisy Whirlpool oven. The Frigidaire oven also cooks food better and quicker.”

  • 1114coleman, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

“Went from GE to…”

“Went from GE to Frigidaire on two appliances; we can tell the performance is far superior to what we had.”

  • BamaOwl, Verified Reviewer at Frigidaire

By replacing your oven, you can enjoy a marked difference in your cooking experience. You can trust that a recipe will cook as you expect it to because your oven will be reliable and consistent.

Frigidaire Wall Oven FAQ

How Long do Frigidaire Wall Ovens Last?

A Frigidaire wall oven will last 15 to 20 years. This company tests its ovens for durability and use. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your oven in a few years and can consistently cook quality meals with the help of the various settings and features.  

Is a Frigidaire Wall Oven a Good Brand?

Frigidaire is a good brand — its wall ovens are reliable, affordable, and easy to use. There are multiple wall ovens to choose from, ranging from the basic model to combination ovens and microwaves. Consider different Fridigaire wall oven models are you update your kitchen.  

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