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How to Save Money When Buying Appliances

by Lucille Watson

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When you were a kid, did you ever get a buck from grandma to spend on candy? There are two kinds of spenders; the one buying a $1 Twix bar or the one buying 25-cent gumballs to savor and keep in their pocket throughout the day. Who wouldn’t enjoy having more bang-for-their-buck and 20 different flavored gumballs?  A good appliance promotion is like candy to a kid, and we love savings.

But who doesn’t, right? Whether your dishwasher is leaking soapy water all over the floor or you’re a first-time homeowner searching for those good deals, appliances performance, and money-saving promotions are always a bonus. A well-formed budget plan is something to delight in. In our comprehensive guide on how to find good deals on appliances near you, discover how to take advantage of BOGO sales, rebates, and appliance bundles at East Coast Appliance.

How to Save Money:

Plan Your Calendar

Invest in an Appliance Package

Find Promotions and Rebates

Consider Scratch and Dent Appliances

Look into Financing Options

Why Trust Us

Follow the calendar year and nail down when the best time to invest in a new appliance is. If the holidays are over, or you need an appliance immediately, there are options you can take advantage of that won’t break the bank and will get you cheap appliances. Everyday low prices and the opportunity to price match only mean your budget will go farther, and your home will become that much more comfortable. A homegrown, local store like East Coast Appliance will always put your needs first and give you great offers from the best refrigerator deals to the best dishwashers.

Searching for “good deals appliances?” Dive in to find out how to save!

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Plan Your Calendar

Summer is just around the corner, which means greener days, later evenings, and warmer nights. The changing of seasons always comes with new hot appliance deals for shoppers to take advantage of, so when is the best time to buy appliances? Mark your calendars for these great holiday deals and save money.

Memorial Day: This holiday is when most retailers concentrate their appliance sales. May is also Maytag Month, which is when you can find annual rebate promotions from Maytag appliances.

Independence Day: Most stores will host appliance discounts at the beginning of July. From a price analysis from Consumer Reports, 4th of July deals have beaten Black Friday promos in the past.

Labor Day: Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, and many stores host discount closeout sales for shoppers.

Veterans Day: This discount day is the last major appliance shopping event before Black Friday. You will often find limited-time discounts and can save if you are a current or former military member.

Black Friday: Nearly everything is marked at a reduced rate, and you will find great deals for home appliances.

Hop into summer prepared for anything. On top of holiday deals, discover how to save any day of the year with appliance packages, rebates, and scratch and dent offers below.    memorial day sale event

Invest in a Kitchen Appliance Package

If you find yourself redesigning your kitchen, a kitchen appliance package is your best offer. Take advantage of discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars when you invest in your kitchen appliances at one time. We are The Discount King, which means you can find discounted kitchen appliance packages with over 10 name-brand companies.

When you buy an appliance package, there are a few benefits that come with it:

  • A perfect color match
  • Cost-effective
  • Nothing is outdated
  • Cohesive learning curve / similar features

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Promotions or Rebates

Another bonus to buying appliances with a budget is finding promotions and rebates. A promotion is when a company gives you different appliance options to choose from. A rebate acts similar to a coupon in that a certain amount is taken off from the total of your purchase. The main exception is the rebate or discount is given after the purchase.

If your washing machine and dryer are on the down-and-out but you can’t afford to buy two appliances at once, look into promotions and rebates. East Coast offers over 30 different promotions and rebates that will satisfy your needs. From now until the end of the year, you can find great deals on promos that will have you wanting to refurbish the rest of your home.

If you’re asking, ‘Where are discount appliances near me?’, dive into our Samsung promotions, Fisher & Paykel, or other quality brands to discover which deals are waiting for you.

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Good Deals, Appliances Packages, and Discounts

From kitchen appliances packages to stocking your laundry room, we offer it all — and who doesn’t like discounted and even free appliances? Our promotions and rebates for appliance bundles are extensive, but here are a few that can save you the most money.

LG Signature- Value: $2,500

This LG promotion gives you the option to choose from six different offers featuring four-piece appliance bundles and gives you up to $2,500 cashback with your purchase.

LG Studio- Value: $1,000

This LG Studio promotion lasts until April 6. Act fast if you want to save $1,000 with a purchase of four or more eligible LG Studio appliances.

Bosch- Value: $1,500

This Bosch rebate of $1,500 lasts until June 30. It gives you the option to choose two appliances from any qualifying Bosch Kitchen series in the 100, 300, 500, 800, and Benchmark Series.

GE Profile- Value: $2,000

With this GE Profile offer, you will receive up to $2,000 cashback when you purchase select GE Profile smarter innovation appliances.

Monogram- Value: BOGO

For the year 2022, take advantage of this Monogram BOGO promotion. When you purchase an appliance bundle, you can receive a free appliance of your choice or $1,500 in credit. Talk about saving money!

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Consider Scratch & Dent Appliances

Scratch and dent appliances are given at a discounted rate (typically 15%) that have blemishes on their exterior. Most of these dents come from manufactory mishaps or shipping issues but typically don’t include any internal damage. If you’re looking to save money and get cheaper appliances, this is a great option. You can shop scratch and dent appliances easily with us. You no longer need to search for ‘scratch and dent appliances near me’ because at East Coast Appliance, we have all you need.

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Stay on budget and find scratch and dent fridges, scratch and dent washers, scratch and dent wall ovens, and more. Transform your house into a dream home with us by investing in discounted appliances. Remember that the interior workings of scratch and dent appliances are up to speed, but if you don’t mind a bruise or blemish here and there, you’ll love this option.

Look into Financing Options

When you’re searching for the best deals on home appliances near you, look into financing options. Financing options spread payments out over a certain amount of time, so you aren’t paying the full price upfront. East Coast Appliance offers BrandSource. BrandSource provides you a card with no annual fees and gives you 24/7 access to your accounts. If you need a new refrigerator now but need time to budget for it, look into different financing options.

Whichever way you choose to find "good deals appliances," the top priority is keeping your budget on track. Before you know it, you’ll have refurnished your home with sparkling new (budget-friendly) appliances in no time.

Why Trust Us?

Locally owned and operated since 1988, East Coast Appliance is the largest independent appliance dealer in Virginia. We sell it ALL — from new name-brand appliances to scratch-and-dent appliances to our very own refurbished appliances. Aside from our huge selection of every major brand and everyday low prices, what sets us apart from our competitors is that we service what we sell and that we are locally owned and operated with factory-trained associates. And if you’re a local, great news: East Coast Appliance is committed to providing the absolute lowest prices on the same available brand and model — simply bring in the ad of the local retail competitor while the lower price is in effect and you'll receive your price match.

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There is a reason we are dubbed “The Discount King” — for unbeatable deals shop promotions online at East Coast Appliance. Our friendly associates are always happy to help you find appliances for less, whether you call us or use our online chat feature. Better yet, stop by one of our showrooms to see why we are the best appliance store in Virginia. Visit us today!

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