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6 Reasons Kitchen Appliance Packages Rule

by Olly Mason

Your kitchen is a no-nonsense zone, so you don’t just expect appliances that are easy-to-use with the best performance — you demand it. Luckily, manufacturers have listened, compiling kitchen bundles with the best refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and over-the-range microwaves each brand has to offer, available as a single purchase.

If you’re like many shoppers browsing to replace or upgrade a single kitchen appliance, maybe you haven’t considered kitchen appliance packages, but if convenience, affordability, and practicality are high on your list of priorities, they definitely should be. See why with these six benefits of buying a kitchen appliance package.

modern kitchen with LG appliances

1. Kitchen Packages Save You Money

By purchasing three or more appliances in a bundle, experts estimate you can save up to 20 percent in final costs. Whether you’re purchasing an appliance package as part of a remodel or simply updating your outdated kitchen appliances, 20 percent in savings gives you more purchasing power to explore appliance features, deluxe appliance finishes, and different types of installations.

Additionally, appliance retailers typically ship your appliance package as a set, meaning shipping costs tend to be lower and installation can be done in one day. Having all your new appliances ready to connect at the same time is especially economical if you plan to hire contractors to install your new appliances for you. On the other hand, delaying installation could cost you an average of $300 to $500 a day, depending on location and contractor. Read on below to see other ways delaying kitchen appliance installations could cost you!

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2. Kitchen Packages Save You Time

Since 2020, the growth of online furnishing and appliance shopping has shot up 30 percent and is expected to continue growing an additional 14 percent. Factor in all that time spent researching, browsing, and comparing kitchen appliances and it’s easy to see how much time shoppers dedicate to digital shopping.

But that’s the wonderful thing about appliance sets: Each kitchen suite has been carefully curated to include some of the best appliances from each brand in a single package. So, instead of comparing a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and over-the-range microwave separately, you can compare a full package from some of the leading appliance names without having to create an endless list of tabs, links, and web pages while making your final decision.

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3. Kitchen Packages Provide a Streamlined Experience

There’s a reason you continue to buy your favorite brands, whether it be something as simple as coffee or a considerable investment, like a car. That’s because you enjoy the experience and want to keep it consistent every time you use the product.

Kitchen packages are no different. By using similar displays, controls, and features from one appliance to the next, a suite of kitchen appliances from the same brand accelerates the learning curve, creating a fluent experience that you can rely on. For example, many LG kitchen packages feature exclusive InstaView Door-in-Door technology on both refrigerators and ranges, and may also include a smart range that syncs with the over-the-range microwave to automatically activate during cooking.

Consistency is a major value-add when it comes to day-to-day operation, but it’s also going to help you if you ever need maintenance. In a worst case scenario, a kitchen full of several appliance brands that need repairs or maintenance will mean having to contact several separate manufacturers. While it’s not the end of the world, dealing with multiple manufacturers can be overwhelming, let alone having to arrange appointments to troubleshoot an appliance from each different brand.

woman in striped shirt uses InstaView Door-in-Door feature on LG french door refrigerator

4. Kitchen Packages Deliver a Cohesive Look

Purchase each kitchen appliance separate and you run the risk of mismatching the finish between appliances. This is especially true with stainless-steel appliances, which continue to be a popular appliance trend.

While stainless steel is praised for its ability to match virtually any scheme, a stainless steel finish from one brand may be a different shade than the next brand’s. While each individual piece may match your kitchen, collectively, the inconsistencies will be obvious and hinder the overall cohesiveness of your kitchen.

And it’s not just stainless steel, either. The same applies to other trending appliance finishes, like slate and black stainless steel. In terms of importance, this might fall lower on the spectrum of importance, but when it’s your dream kitchen you’re talking about, details matter and are essential to keep your vision true and exactly what you desired.

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5. Kitchen Packages Provide Insight, Instantly

Nobody wants to have to return appliances after they’ve been delivered and installed, but if that is the case, it’s easier to do it as a bundle rather than individually. While handy guides, such as our blog “How to Shop for Appliances Online,” help prepare you for your online purchases, you won’t have a real idea of how your new kitchen appliance set looks until it has arrived and been installed in your kitchen. Since kitchen appliance packages arrive complete, you’ll have first-hand interaction of each appliance, including how they work with the layout of your kitchen, it’s design, and how each works with their counterparts.

However, if you stagger the purchase and installation of each appliance, you will not get a complete scope of how each appliance looks, works, and functions in your kitchen until every piece is delivered and installed. Worse of all, depending on each retailer’s services and policies, waiting could result in losing a window to return, ultimately costing you more money on a return than necessary.

6. Rebates, Promotions, and Special Financing

On top of saving you an average of 20 percent, kitchen appliance packages could include even more savings from special retailer rebates, a limited promotion, or a special financing program.

To find a kitchen package on sale or at a discounted price, make sure to check your local provider’s rebates and promotions pages, or give your local supplier a call or visit to learn more about how to save on kitchen appliance packages.

Seal the Deal

Appliance shopping shouldn’t be a hassle, and buying from a supplier shouldn’t be either. With kitchen appliance packages for every lifestyle and budget, East Coast Appliance is your one-stop destination for a fast, convenient, and easy kitchen makeover in one transaction. Browse, shop, and compare our wide catalog of appliances today to discover why we’re the largest independent appliance dealer in Virginia!

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