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Top 7 Washer Dryer Combos for Small Spaces

by Olly Mason

While piles of laundry always seem to get mysteriously bigger, extra space for a washer and dryer isn’t going to magically appear overnight (and neither is that missing sock — sorry!). Thankfully, washer dryer combos offer a smart solution for shoppers who are limited on space, and best of all, buyers can also find reliable options from trusted brands. Here are 7 recommended washer dryer combos that help solve common small space problems while providing exceptional performance comparable to a separate washer and dryer pair. 

1.  Best Overall Washer Dryer Combo

Taking the top of our list of best washer dryer combos is this Whirlpool All-in-One Washer & Dryer (WFC8090GX) in a trendy cashmere finish. Of course, it takes more than looks to top our list, and Whirlpool has proven to be a reputable brand, ranking number one for repairs in both washing machine and dryer verticals according to the Puls 2019 Appliance Repair Report.

That means on top of a being a space-saving solution, buyers can expect this best-rated Whirlpool washer dryer combo to also provide winning results.

Whirlpool WFC8090GX washer dryer combo shown installed into a closet

Smart Design

Washer dryer combos are compact by design, but that doesn’t mean every model is a smart choice in every home. On the other hand, this Whirlpool washer dryer combo features a thoughtful design that makes it space-friendly without compromising on performance. That includes:

  • A 24-inch width for an extra three inches of clearance versus standard 27-inch washers and dryers
  • A ventless design that eliminates the need for a dryer hose and the clearance required for one
  • 2.8 cubic feet of tub capacity — the most capacity available in its class
  • A sleek touchscreen for an even sleeker profile without protruding buttons

Closeup of person using touchscreen on Whirlpool WFC8090GX washer dryer combo

Although having reversible doors would have made this choice even better, we still love the smart features such as WiFi compatibility for easy monitoring and controlling from a smart device, or the Load & Go Plus dispenser that lets users fill up on up to 20 loads of fabric softener and detergent.

Pristine Performance

This Whirlpool combo washing machine may be small, but its performance is mighty with 28 impressive wash settings, including a Quick Wash and Cold Wash cycle, plus drying options like Wrinkle Shield and TumbleFresh that keep clothes dryer-fresh for up to 12 hours.

2.  Best Budget Washer Dryer Combo

We know — the word “budget” can make shoppers feel like the appliance featured is a bit of a compromise. However, this GE Front-Load Washer/Condenser Dryer Combo (GFQ14ESSNWW) proves that isn’t always the case. While buyers will save a little extra with this option, it won’t be at the expense of performance.

GE gfq14essnww washer dryer combo in white installed in a closet

Impressive Washer Capabilities

For instance, one thing buyers will find on this affordable washer dyer combo is a steam setting. With the power to gently lift stains while effectively eliminating germs and bacteria, this popular washer feature is quickly becoming a must-have for buyers who value sanitization.

What’s more, this choice delivers an impressive list of wash options, including:

  • 5 soil level selections
  • 5 wash spin speeds
  • 5 wash temperature levels
  • Auto Wash + Dry that determines the proper drying cycle based which wash cycle is used

And with 2.4 cubic feet of drum capacity, this option also provides a wash size comparable to our overall winner with a similar 24-inch width for optimal space efficiency.

3.  Best Compact Washer Dyer Combo

With 2.3 cubic feet of capacity, the LG Front-Load Compact All-in-One Washer/Dryer Combo (WM3488HW) provides nearly the same space to wash and dry as our best compact washer dryer combo, yet at a discount of the price.

Front view of LG WM3488HW washer dryer with graphic banner

Despite the price point, the LG WM3488HW comes equipped with exclusive features, including these three that help reduce noise during operation:

  1. An Inverter Direct Drive Motor that uses less parts for quicker performance
  2. A TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System that minimizes noise while spinning
  3. LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology that runs between 44 and 46 decibels

Also included is 6Motion Technology that uses a series of six different wash actions for enhanced washing performance and results. And since it’s LG, this best compact washer dryer combo also comes with SmartDiagnosis that allows users to easily troubleshoot issues over a phone call or via an app on a smartphone.

4.  Best Ventless Washer Dryer Combo

The major benefit of a ventless washer dryer combination is that buyers will have more flexibility when it comes to installation. Since no external venting is necessary, these laundry appliances are a great choice for upstairs apartments, in-law bedroom suites, or inside laundry closets.

Front view of LG WM3499HVA washer dryer combo with AAFA graphic banner

Standout LG Features

This LG Front-load Washer & Dryer Combo in a stylish graphite steel finish (WM3499HVA) is similar to our budget recommendation, including an inverter drive motor and 6Motion Technology, plus a few extra perks like:

  • Powerful steam cleaning that penetrates fabrics and lifts stains
  • An exclusive Allergiene Cycle endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA); eliminates up to 95% of pet dander and mites that promote allergy symptoms

Together with a Sanitary Cycle, ColdWash option, SenseClean System, and TurboWash 2.0 technology, this best ventless washer dryer combo provides an impressive lineup of washer settings for every fabric care need. 

5.  Best Luxury Washer Dryer Combo

Once again, LG makes our list, this time as our choice for the best luxury washer dryer combo with the LG Signature Front-Load Washer Dryer Combo (LUWM101HWA). Like our overall best-rated washer dryer combo, this selection also comes with a 2.8 cubic-foot drum, the largest in its class, which adds to the overall high-end performance. 

Enjoy an Enhanced User Experience

Closeup of in door touch control on LG LUWM101HWA washer dryer combo

Sleek efficiency is often used to describe a washer dryer combo’s footprint, but this LG Signature all-in-one washer dryer also uses a practical LCD touch control that’s integrated into the door. The intuitive controls and vibrant display make it easy to track washer and dryer statuses, and even features smart technology that can track frequently used settings.

Relocating the detergent and fabric softener dispenser to the bottom of the unit accentuates the sleek, modern design. Plus, with the ability to detect soil levels on laundry, this dispenser can also determine how much detergent necessary, saving money and time.  

And since it’s an LG product, this best luxury washer dryer combo also comes with LG SmartThinQ, allowing users to remotely manage and control the appliance from a smart device.

6.  Best Energy-Efficient Washer Dryer Combo

While the rest of our mentions in this roundup measure at 24 inches in width, the LG Front-Load Washer & Dryer Combo (WM3998HBA) clocks in at 27 inches, technically making it a standard-size laundry appliance. The extra dimensions not only move it into another class, but it also allows this selection to provide the most tub room than any other choice on this list.

Lifestyle shot of black LG WM3998HBA washer dryer combo in living space

The Best of LG Wash Technology

On top of the winning washer and dryer features already mentioned — including 6Motion Technology, an Allergiene Cycle, and LG ThinQ Technology — this LG washer dryer combo also helps cut down on costs and time with features such as:

  • An ultra-large capacity of 4.5 cubic feet able to tackle bigger loads of laundry
  • TurboWash Technology that can cut wash times down by up to 30 minutes
  • ColdWash Technology that delivers outstanding wash performance without the need for hot water

7.  Best Washer Dryer Combo for Apartments

Falling right between the biggest washer dryer combo and the most compact all-in-one washer dryer on this list is this LG Front-Load Electric Washer Dryer Combo (WM3997HWA) measuring 29 inches in width. The 4.2 cubic-foot drum is ideal in dwellings that experience a high frequency of laundry days, or even households with more than one tenant.

Standard: The Best LG Washer & Dryer Features

Shoppers can expect the usual lineup of LG washer dryer combo features from this option, such as those outlined in our Best Energy-Efficient Washer Dryer Combo selection. What’s most practical about this selection, though, is the ability to pair with a compatible LG SideKick Pedestal Washer (WD100CW), allowing users to wash small loads fast and efficiently. Best of all, no extra floorspace is needed — just an additional 14 inches of overhead clearance.

LG WD100CW  SideKick shown open and with graphic name banner

Apartment-Friendly Features

While every buyer can appreciate quiet laundry appliances, the advanced manufacturing of this LG washer dryer unit makes it an especially good choice for shoppers who live in attached complexes. These low-noise technologies help reduce the sound during use:

  • A Direct Drive Motor which eliminates the use of chains or belts, reducing noise output
  • A TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System that virtually eliminates jumbling and shifting
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation that allows this unit to spin at 1,300 RPM at a near-silent noise level

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