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What Can You Do with a Smart Oven?

by East Coast Appliance

A wide shot of two KitchenAid smart ovens and an Alexa smart device

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Best Smart Oven Perks

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Smart ovens are changing how people approach cooking by giving them more control and flexibility in how they manage these devices. When you can control your oven through your phone (or other connected devices) you can prepare meals in one room while completing other chores or relaxing in another. That means never having to miss a beat of your favorite show, because the oven starts beeping or having to keep an eye on a timer.

The smart kitchen is the wave of the future, and without a smart oven, the setup is complete. If you’re wondering whether this is one of the appliances to skip, keep reading to learn more about the top features of smart ovens and why homeowners love them.

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Best Smart Oven Perks

The modern lifestyle is chock-full of to-dos, and while it might not seem like having a smart oven might have an big impact on the daily schedule, you’d be surprised how handy some of the following features are. Take a look!

✔ Preheat the Oven Virtually

One of the top benefits of adding a smart oven to your home is that you can preheat it virtually. Turn on your oven when you start your evening commute or leave an after-school activity so it’s hot and ready for use when you arrive home. You don’t even have to leave the house to appreciate this feature—sometimes, it’s just nice to turn on the oven remotely when you are relaxing on the couch and don’t want to get up.

Whirlpool® 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

 Front view of the Whirlpool WOS52ES4MZ 24” smart oven

Shop This Whirlpool Smart Oven

The first smart wall oven to consider comes from Whirlpool. Not only is it a Wi-Fi compatible appliance, but it is a convection oven, which allows for an even cooking experience and faster results. True Convection Cooking by Whirlpool will change how you prepare meals and allow you to cook a variety of dishes more efficiently. 

This Whirlpool smart oven also has a “Favorites” setting where you can preload the temperature and times to cook your meals. Choose your ideal setting and turn on the oven, then relax while your food is prepared. These devices are meant to help homeowners spend less time cooking and more time living. At 24” and just under 3 cubic feet of capacity, it’s not the biggest smart oven on the market, but if your household doesn’t have a high demand for baked goods, this is a good choice to consider without over-splurging.

✔ Adjust Oven Settings Remotely 

Not only can you turn on your smart oven from your phone, but you can also adjust its settings remotely. Not every recipe will need this, but if comes in handy for advanced recipes such as this salmon roast, which requires dual-temperature settings to achieve a moist interior. Instead of walking over and adjusting the oven manually, you can change the temperature with just a few clicks.

GE Profile™ 30" Smart Built-In Convection Single Stainless Steel Wall Oven

 Front view of the GE Profile PTS700RSNSS 30” smart oven

Shop This GE Smart Oven

If you are looking to replace your wall oven, consider this model by GE Profile. One of the favorite features of shoppers is the door, which opens from the side—just like a microwave. It’s a small detail, but its different swing differs from traditional wall ovens because it doesn’t require user to lean into the oven to place or remove items. The side door model is considered safer because you are less likely to touch the hot surface. Aside from looks, with wireless oven programming at your fingertips, you can control hot features like no preheat Air Fry and True European convection, and the compatible app even allows users to download new cooking modes when available.

Featured GE Profile PTS700RSNSS review: Love how the door opens so I can get right to the oven without leaning over the door. Controls were easy to use once I figured out that everything happens on the screen.” 

✔ Connect Your Smart Oven to Your Virtual Assistants

Cooking is messy. Whether you are stuffing a chicken for dinner or kneading dough for your favorite bread recipe, you don’t always have clean hands to turn on your appliances. With a smart oven, you don’t have to get the control panel (or your smartphone) dirty. Instead, say, “Hey Alexa,” (or whatever app is compatible with the model you have), and give a command to preheat your oven or set a timer. 

Many smart ovens will connect to your virtual assistants, whether you use Siri, Alexa, or Google. You can make your assistants your sous chefs by giving commands on how to set your oven.

KitchenAid® 30" Stainless Steel Smart Electric Built-In Single Oven

Front view of the KitchenAid KOSE900HSS 30” smart oven

Shop This KitchenAid Smart Oven

This Alexa compatible oven has additional features that make it stand out. It comes with KitchenAid smart oven attachments that allow you to steam, grill, and even use a baking stone to prepare meals. Each attachment fits interchangeably in the oven and can be controlled through the app. If you enjoy the idea of luxury cooking but don’t want to spend the high prices, this model is a worthy alternative—and its professionally inspired design will even add the high-end look to complete the experience.

Featured KitchenAid KOSE900HSS review: Love the style and design. The new edge technology is remarkable. The power attachment is great and can't wait to receive the other stone and streamer to try out as well.”

✔ Upload Recipes and Receive Ideas

A smart oven isn’t just a Wi-Fi-connected tool, it is also a partner to elevate your cooking. Homeowners and smart devices can share recipes back and forth to improve the cooking experience. Some smart ovens come with preloaded recipes that you can select. Instructions on how to prepare these meals will be sent to your phone while the oven preheats to the correct settings.

There are also times when you can upload recipes to your oven (see the GE Profile smart oven above), so it knows how to heat and time you’re cooking.

LG 30" PrintProof™ Stainless Steel Slide-In Electric Range

 Front view of the LG LSEL6337F 30” smart range

Shop This LG Smart Range

Don’t like working with built-in ovens? Not a problem with this smart range that includes a Wi-Fi compatible baking zone below the cooktop. The cooking surface comes with five heating in different sizes, adding even greater flexibility without sacrificing more than 30”. The LG smart oven is big enough to cook a 20-pound turkey, so feel free to host your family for the holidays this year. True to LG, this LG ThinQ oven and range is for the tech-savvy, equipped with ProBake Convection baking, Air Sous Vide, and an InstaView Window that illuminates with two knocks on the door.

Featured LG LSEL6337F review: We purchased the new range earlier this month and we have never looked back. Our previous range had the same number of burners but functioned only in two positions on high or off. The controls on this range are very precise and work well.”

✔ Turn Off the Oven from Another Room

Finally, once you are done cooking and are ready to tuck into your meal, turn off your oven with your smartphone. Not only is this a useful feature for a smart oven, but it also helps with safety. You can always check whether your oven is on through your phone, so you don’t accidentally leave it running when you leave the house. 

Samsung BESPOKE 30" Fingerprint Resistant Navy Steel Slide-In Gas Range

 Front view of the Samsung NX60A8711QN 30” smart gas range

Shop This Samsung Smart Gas Range

Invest in this gas range if you want a wide selection of burners and space for a griddle. You can boil water in a matter of minutes with a power burner and use several different oven features to prepare your favorite dishes. All of these features are controlled through Samsung smart oven app, which can also be used to manage other devices.

This is one of the highest-rated smart ranges on the market, with 96% of reviewers saying they would recommend this model.

Featured Samsung NX60A8711QN review: I LOVE this stove. Replaces so many appliances (air fryer, convection oven, dehydrator, grill, pancake burner) many more. It is also a smart appliance so I get notifications with how much time is left or that it is done.”  

Our team at East Coast Appliance strives to keep the most popular brands of smart ovens in stock. We carefully listen to customer feedback to learn which appliances match our quality standards. If you want to upgrade your oven or range, consider a smart device. We can help you discover all the reasons why whether you shop online or visit one of our Virgina appliance stores near you today!

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