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Samsung Dishwasher Reviews + Our Top Picks

by Olly Mason

It’s hard to sell the idea of washing dishes as an exciting experience, but leave it to Samsung to reimagine new and innovative ways to make running a cycle less of a burden. With features like StormWash technology, a Zone Booster function, and AquaBlast jets, the brand brings a new image to the routine with performance found nowhere else in the industry. We give you all the details in this dishwasher buying guide plus Samsung dishwasher reviews, including our personal list of the best Samsung dishwashers form our catalog.

Inform Yourself Before You Shop: Dishwashers 101

At a Glance:

What to Expect from Samsung Dishwashers

Are Samsung Dishwashers Reliable?

Samsung Dishwasher Features

Samsung Dishwashers Pros & Cons

Our Top Samsung Dishwasher Picks

An Intro to Samsung Dishwashers

Samsung is a leading international brand, branching out from the entertainment world and into home with major appliances designed to suit the modern home. That being said, don’t expect a large selection of Samsung dishwashers. With fewer than 10 models in total to date, Samsung offers a modest collection, which pales in comparison to similar international competitors like LG, as well as domestic brands such as GE.

The good news is most Samsung dishwashers fall between the low- to mid-end price range, starting at $579 with several other models below $900. At the highest price point, a Samsung dishwashing machine can cost around $1,249, which is still relatively comparable to competing brands that can price well over that value.

The lineup is split into two categories based off decibel rating or control type. The first is divided among quiet models registering between 45 to 55 dBA and whisper-quiet dishwashers with noise ratings between 39 to 44 dBA, while shoppers have the choice between top-control or front-control dishwashers. Furthermore, the majority of dishwashers from Samsung feature the enhanced performance of a stainless steel tub, minus a couple of entry-level options that use either a plastic or hybrid tub.

How Reliable are Samsung Dishwashers? 

When you purchase a Samsung dishwasher, you can be sure your investment is backed by expertly recognized quality and performance. Recently, the brand received top reviews, ultimately granting the brand a seal of J.D. Power-awarded performance and making Samsung dishwashers #1 in satisfaction in 2020.

Samsung Dishwasher Features

Samsung has always been an innovator when it comes to progressive features that enhance the user experience. It’s a characteristic the brand has adopted from its origins in electronics and applies to its appliances with skill and finesse. Samsung dishwashers are no exception, offering a range of cleaning features that make dishwashing simpler and more effective. Take a look!



Linear Wash

Equipped with AquaBlast jets, this feature provides another level of clean with horizontal spraying that covers even more surfaces.

Zone Booster

Place heavily-soiled dishes at the bottom left of the select Samsung dishwashers with Zone Booster for an added blast of spray performance.


Found on select Samsung rotary dishwashers, this feature uses a rotating spray to reach even more areas across the interior.

AutoRelease Door

Get the drying process started quicker by automatically opening at the end of a cycle.

Flexible 3rd Rack

Use the modular design of this upper rack to accommodate kitchen utensils from standard silverware to special cooking tools.

Adjustable Rack

Provides two inches of adjustable upper or lower clearance, allowing more dishes to fit into a single load. 

Auto Cycle

Intelligent sensors to monitor how dirty dishes are, stopping or extending wash times accordingly.

Express 60 Cycle

Run a full cycle of dishes in under an hour.


Pros & Cons of Samsung Dishwashers

Before we present our list of favorite dishwashers from Samsung, take a moment to review the pros and cons.


1-year warranty

Award-winning appliances

Affordably priced models

Great dishwasher features


No heated drying

Some models can be loud

Not many models to choose from

Few smart dishwasher options

Our Top Samsung Dishwasher Picks

If a dishwasher with updated style and powerful functions are what you’re searching for, then Samsung dishwashers are a perfect match for you. For this list, we’ve selected four of the best Samsung dishwashers with unique value, including affordability and the top model for best features.

Best Overall: Samsung 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of Samsung DW80R7061US dishwasher

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The power to tackle hard-to-clean dinner messes just became easier with this Samsung dishwasher featuring StormWash action. The extra spray arm provides a boost of performance that works together with a rotating arm for full coverage across every level inside the dishwasher. The addition of a third rack on top of 15 place settings gives you room to wash larger loads in one run, while half load washing and the Express Cycle 60-minute wash provide even more the flexibility. Enjoy the ultra-quiet 42-dBA performance, plus AutoRelease door function for hands-free dish drying results.

Best Budget: Samsung 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of Samsung DW80R2031US dishwasher

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Give your dishes a thorough cleaning — not your bank account — with this Samsung stainless steel dishwasher under $600. Highlights from this affordable dishwasher include an Advanced Wash System for targeted washing across the upper and lower rack, as well as Auto Cycle with sensor technology customizes wash times based off soil levels. The adjustable rack is a smart solution for fitting larger cookware, giving a total capacity of 14 place settings versatility to hold even more. Best of all, with an Energy Star rating, this top-control dishwasher saves you even more after the purchase.

Best Features: Samsung 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of Samsung DW80R9950US dishwasher

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For a sample of what Samsung is fully capable of, consider this smart top-control dishwasher that offers a series of winning features. Eliminate dish overcrowding thanks to the Samsung dishwasher 3rd rack with adjustable configuration made to handle even the most award-shaped kitchen utensils. Although this is one of the quietest dishwashers in the Samsung lineup at 39 dBA, powerful technology is at work, from the Linear Wash System with AquaBlast jets, to the Zone Booster that blasts through the toughest dish care needs.

Best Compact: Samsung 18" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of Samsung DW50T6060US dishwasher

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Even small kitchen spaces deal with dirty dishes, which is why this Samsung 18 inch dishwasher such a convenient solution. The slim profile fits into tight spaces, all while providing eight place settings to wash a decently sized load of dishes. Together with Energy Star-certified performance, five wash cycles, including a 1-hour Express Wash, and an AutoRelease door feature for energy-efficient drying, this mini marvel provides major purpose for its value.

 Shop Samsung Dishwashers at East Coast Appliance

The power of innovation is at the core of Samsung appliances, giving the brand an edge on the future of the modern home. With its series of progressive wash features and advanced dish care, Samsung dishwashers are major competitors in industry worth exploring.

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