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GE Profile vs. Monogram Appliances Reviewed

by Olly Mason

With over 100 years of industry-leading innovation, GE has racked up an impressive family of appliance lines, of the which GE Profile and Monogram stand out as pioneers of the modern kitchen. But while the two come from the same family tree, they often experience some sibling rivalry. So, in a comparison of GE Profile versus Monogram, which lineup comes out supreme? The answer ultimately comes down to budget, practicality, and your lifestyle. Read on for a full, in-depth analysis of these two top-tier brands from GE.

In This Article:

  1. GE Profile vs. Monogram Refrigerators
  2. GE Profile vs. Monogram Ranges
  3. GE Profile vs. Monogram Dishwashers

GE Profile vs Monogram Refrigerators

Product Attributes GE Profile Monogram
Exclusives Turbo Cool; Quick Shelf Space; TwinChill Evaporators; Frost Guard; Door in Door w/Rotating Bin;  Multi-Shelf Air Tower; Advanced Temperature Management; TwinChill Evaporators; 
 Refrigerator Types Side by Side; French Door; Wine Cooler;  Side by Side; French Door; Bottom-Freezer; Column Refrigerators; Wine Coolers; 
Smart Refrigerators  Yes Yes
Water/Ice Dispenser Options Yes Yes
Panel Ready Options No Yes
Max Capacity (cu. ft.) 28.2 29.5
Starting Price $2,299 $4,200

Monogram Refrigerators Overview

Front view of kitchen featuring Monogram built-in refrigerator

If your current refrigerator doesn’t whet your appetite before opening the door, then Monogram’s lineup of premium refrigeration just might be the thing to satisfy your cravings. While counterparts like Café take a more robust approach, Monogram showcases opulence and refinement that is sure to appeal to fans of the first-class experience.

The Monogram refrigerator lineup consists mainly of built-in refrigerators in 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch sizes, as well as 36-inch freestanding refrigerators. Both configurations feature French door options, while Monogram fully integrated refrigerators include Side by Side and bottom freezer models along with custom freezer and refrigerator columns and wine storage.

The great thing about premium appliances is that not only do they look great, they also perform well. The start of better food preservation begins with these core refrigerator features from Monogram:

  • A full-width climate-control drawer provides multi-functional chill settings. 
  • Showcase LED lighting brilliantly illuminates foods and the interior.
  • A sealed vegetable drawer helps retain the crispness and flavor of fresh produce.
  • Adjustable door bins allow you to stock foods your way.
  • Create more space on the main shelves with the gallon-size door bin.
  • Adjustable glass shelves look custom and provide optimum storage flexibility.

Additionally, select models feature TwinChill™ evaporators for independent climate control in the freezer and refrigerator, remote programming and management with SmartHQ™, and a Multi-shelf air tower for top-to-bottom temperature management.

GE Profile Refrigerators Overview

Front view of GE Profile PFD28KSLSS French door refrigerator

In most cases, the common refrigerator shopper isn’t looking for a built-in refrigerator – especially with the growing number of counter depth refrigerators on the market that provide a comparable look at a fraction of the price. Since GE Profile refrigerators come mainly in freestanding models, including counter depth options (and a few built-ins), the brand is a considerable resource for shoppers with mid-range budgets looking for a great value.

Of the lineup, most GE Profile refrigerators are 36-inch French door models, plus a modest suite of 36-inch Side by Side fridges. Both styles feature a large range of refrigerators with water dispensers, including models with a Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system built right in.

Perks like the integrated Keurig® dispenser are key indicators of the user GE Profile is designing for. Essentially, the GE Profile owner stays current with trends, but form and function must work in balance. GE Profile flexes this philosophy with these standard refrigerator features: 

  • Showcase LED lighting for a high-end feel that also enhances usability.
  • The Turbo Cool setting uses intelligent design to keep internal temperatures at their optimum every time the appliance is opened.
  • Easy food organization is simple with a convertible QuickSpace shelf and adjustable glass shelves.

Special features on upgraded models range from built-in WiFi operation to TwinChill™ evaporators, FrostGuard technology, and a Door in Door with rotating bin design for even easier access to snacks and refrigerator essentials. 

GE Profile vs Monogram Ranges

Product Attributes GE Profile Monogram
Exclusives In-Oven Cam; No Preheat Air Fry;  True Temp Technology; Brass Burners; Reversible Grates; Air Fry;  
Fuel Types Electric; Gas; Dual Fuel; Induction;  All-Gas; Dual Fuel; 
Number of Burners 4 Burners; 5 Burners; 4 Elements; 5 Elements;  4 Burners; 4 Burners w/Griddle; 4 Burners w/Griddle & Grill; 6 Burners; 6 Burners/Griddle; 
Configuration Freestanding; Slide-In;  Freestanding; 
Sizes 30-inch;  30-inch; 36-inch; 48-inch; 
Smart Oven Options Yes Yes
Convection Ovens Yes Yes
Starting Price $1,199 $5,300

Monogram Ranges Overview

Head on shot of kitchen featuring Monogram pro range

Professional ranges provide users with three essential benefits: Superior heat control, more cooking functions, and greater overall power. But Monogram professional ranges come with a fourth factor – a gorgeous aesthetic and attention to detail. You can see it in the solid brass dials fitted with industry-exclusive custom color LED backlighting, as well as in the brass burners, reversible grates, and LCD touch controls.

Monogram provides ranges in all-gas and dual-fuel options complete with a rich series of cooktop configurations, such as:

  • 30-inch ranges with four burners
  • 36-inch ranges with six burners or four burners and a griddle
  • 48-inch ranges with four burners with a grill and griddle
  • 48-inch ranges with six burners and a griddle

Along with the assortment of cooking setups, Monogram displays an impressive variety of cooking functions in the oven and cooktop. Dual-stacked burners provide a multi-purpose cooking zone capable of going from high-heat output to gentle simmers. Each unit comes with a 21,000-BTU burner featuring TrueTemp™ technology that generates even heat, as well as a 23,000-BTU burner that brings water to a rapid boil and sears to professional finishes.

And since every main course deserves an outstanding presentation, every Monogram range oven includes convection cooking and Air Fry technology to deliver superior cooking results. Of course, no professional range would be complete without connected technology. Monogram premium ranges come with WiFi monitoring and programming courtesy of SmartHQ™, which can also be used to sync up compatible brand appliances for a completely connected experience.

GE Profile Ranges Overview

Front view of GE Profile PGS930SELSS dual fuel range

Considering GE Profile’s entry-level range comes with True Convection and no preheat Air Fry at a price around $1,199, it’s fair to say the lineup is a major bargain. And that’s without factoring in its wide catalog of drop-in, freestanding, slide-in, single oven, and double oven range models in gas, electric, induction, and dual fuel options. While not a splurge in the same way Monogram ranges are, GE Profile ranges are an excellent option for mid-end budgets and a strong contender for flexible buyers looking to stay in lower ball park.

While standard range features like steam clean, a self-clean options, and sealed burners might not be so glamorous, the lineup’s highlights are borderline buzzworthy. On top of the latest cooking functions mentioned, shoppers can find these exciting features across the GE Profile range collection:

  • With 21,000 BTUs of output, the Tri-ring burner is even comparable to Monogram.
  • Select GE Profile induction ranges come with a sous vide cooking option with precise heat application for perfectly cooked proteins and dishes.
  • Enjoy WiFi connectivity on a new level with In-Oven CookCam™ on GE Profile’s premium induction range model.

GE Profile vs Monogram Dishwashers

Product Attributes GE Profile Monogram
Exclusives Piranha Hard Food Disposer; Dry Boost with Fan Assist; Twin Turbo Dry Boost; Wash Zones; Advanced Wash System; Max Dry system;
Sanitize Options Yes Yes
Handle Types Towel Bar; Pocket Towel Bar
Rack Features Third rack; Fold-Down Tines; Third Rack; Full-extension Adjustable Third Rack;
Smart Dishwasher Options Yes Yes
Largest Capacity 16 Place Settings 16 Place Settings
Tub Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Starting Price $1,049 $1,800

Monogram Dishwashers

If you want to think less about after-dinner cleanup, a high-performing dishwasher is crucial. Monogram makes that possible with luxury dish care from a roundup of high-end dishwashers. Across the brand’s lineup, exclusive features like an Advanced Wash System complete with over 90 jets and Max Dry provide complete dish care from start to finish.

Of course, having extra perks isn’t bad, either. That includes a hard food disposer, full-extension third rack, and WiFi connectivity, plus select models with LED interior lighting, dedicated bottle jets, and a Steam + Sani option. Each full-size Monogram dishwasher also provides up to 16 place settings and comes with silent operation from a high of 42 dBA down to 39 dBA.

GE Profile Dishwashers

If your modern home also comes with demands of a full house, GE Profile dishwashers were designed specifically for you. Available at a much more affordable price point with models starting at $1,049, the GE Profile Series dish care lineup comes with an impressive repertoire of features ready to handle everyday messes.

Brand exclusive such as Twin Turbo Boost and Dry Boost with fan-assist ventilation ensure every load can skip the towel-drying, while the Piranha Hard Food Disposer pulverizes foods at 3,600 rotations per minute leaving wash water free of debris. And since dish loading flexibility is essential for an efficient wash, you can also find a wide selection of dishwashers with a built-in third rack, bottle jets, and silverware jets, so every dish is washed to perfection.

Additionally, most of the dishwashers available from GE Profile are WiFi compatible and come with a noise rating of 45 to 39 dBA. For a complete wash experience, you can also find higher-end GE dishwashers with even more upgrades such as Wash Zones that can run just half a load, a 1-Hour Wash Cycle, and fold-down tines on upper and lower racks.

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