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GE Profile Dishwashers Reviewed

by East Coast Appliance

A GE Profile dishwasher with a matching GE Profile slide-in range

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About GE Profile

GE Profile Dishwashers

Top 4 GE Profile Dishwasher Models on the Market


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Does anyone ever really get excited about buying a dishwashing machine? When the selection is sleek and modern and full of the latest features, shopping for a new dishwasher might be more exciting than you might think. If that sounds like your kind of dishwasher, GE Profile is one brand you should consider.

GE Profile is a step above standard GE products. Customers can enjoy bonus features and advanced technology that drives better results than the base models. If you don’t need a luxury appliance but would like a nice dishwasher option, consider a model by GE Profile. Learn more about the features offered by the GE Profile dishwasher lineup with this quick GE Profile dishwasher review.

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About GE Profile  

Most buyers know GE, the domestic appliance brand that has been manufacturing reliable goods for over a century. But what many shoppers might not know is that GE has a whole family of products from four distinct lines.

We’ve previously covered the differences between GE and GE Profile appliances, and you can also get details about the GE Café vs Monogram lines, but in short, here’s what to expect:

GE: The brand’s core line offers appliances from entry-level to mid-range. Appliance designs within this line are standard and include basic features, making them ideal for first-time buyers, quick and reliable replacements or upgrades, or homeowners who want appliances with simple user experiences.

GE Profile: The GE Profile series takes GE appliances to the next level with modern designs, upgraded features (especially smart features), and more color options. Think of the line as GE for the next generation.

GE Café: GE steps into the affordable luxury class with the Café line, which is heavy on aesthetics. The series, which debuted in 2018, is all about fresh looks, including matte finishes and custom hardware. To add to the experience, many of the appliances from this line also include elevated features that feel high-end.

GE Monogram: GE reserves its best designs and features for the Monogram series. Appliances from this line are a complete departure from standard GE appliances, with professionally designed details reminiscent of gourmet kitchens. Monogram appliances easily range in the thousands of dollars, and some items, such as Monogram ranges and refrigerators, cost well over $10,000, and they look like it.

GE Profile Dishwashers

The GE Profile line might not be the brand’s highest level of design and performance, but these appliances are still pretty distinct compared to GE’s core line. For instance, GE Profile was the first brand series to include Microban Antimicrobial Technology on select models, and other features like Dry Boost with Fan Assist, Wi-Fi compatibility, and a water filtration system elevate the experience even further.

The upgrades don’t come for free, however. Buyers interested in GE Profile dishwashers can expect to pay between $1,050 and $1,550 for one. On the other hand, homeowners looking for panel-ready dishwashers will find no luck with the GE Profile line, which is limited to stainless steel, black stainless steel, and slate.

Top 4 GE Profile Dishwasher Models on the Market

Overall, our experts rank GE Profile dishwashers one of the bed mid-range brands to choose from. You can enjoy bonus features with each appliance without having to pay luxury prices. Here are a few of what we consider the best GE Profile dishwasher models to consider if you are ready to upgrade your dishwasher’s performance.

GE Profile® 18" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

 Front view of the GE Profile PDT145SSLSS 18” dishwasher

Shop This GE Profile 18" Dishwasher

You don’t need a large kitchen if you want to install a dishwasher in your home. This GE Profile 18 inch dishwasher is specifically made for small spaces while still maximizing storage capacity. There are three wash levels altogether, including a top wash arm specifically designed for coverage of  items placed on the upper rack. The silverware basket is also removable, so it is easier to put away your forks, knives, and spoons. 

This GE Profile stainless steel dishwasher is ADA-compliant with a low-profile installation that is ideal for 34-inch countertops. Whether you are trying to accommodate a small kitchen or need an accessible appliance, this dishwasher is for you.

Like most GE Profile dishwashers, this model comes with the Piranha Hard Food Disposer with a removable filter. This breaks down food before washing it away, reducing the risk of your dishwasher ever clogging. In the event of a clog, you can easily remove the filter and wash it out, restoring your dishwasher to its peak performance levels.

Featured GE Profile PDT145SSLSS review: “Replaced a 20-year-old GE dishwasher with this model. Love the hidden controls, easy loading, and the lack of noise this model makes.”

GE Profile™ 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

 Front view of the GE Profile PDT715SYNFS dishwasher

Shop This GE Profile Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Does your current dishwasher actually dry your dishes, or do you notice pools of water on your storage containers and bowls? If this is the case, look for a dishwasher that has advanced drying capabilities and doesn’t leave any residue or water spots. This GE Profile dishwasher comes with a Fan Assist system that blows away water and quickly drains it from the appliance. As a result, your dishes will be dry to the touch. 

This dishwasher also comes with a system of 40 silverware jets that blast away food particles from the bottom up, making sure to get in between your fork prongs and within the curvature of your spoons. You won’t have to worry about scraping away cooked-on food after the cycle is done.  You can buy this model in the traditional stainless steel style or opt for a GE Profile black stainless dishwasher for a sleek finish that elevates your kitchen design.

Featured GE Profile PDT715SYNFS review: “Love the power wash option for glassware and silverware! Our dishes come out clean everything time! No water residue after the drying time and no spots on the stainless steel walls.”

GE Profile™ 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

 Front view of the GE Profile PDT785SYNFS dishwasher

Shop This GE Profile Dishwasher

If you have a large family that creates a lot of messy plates and bowls, you need a powerful dishwasher. This model comes with a stainless steel blade that rotates at 3,600 RPM in order to pulverize food particles so they can easily be washed away. You can spend less time pre-washing dishes to remove food and more time relaxing while your dishwasher does the work for you.

If you need a little extra power, turn on the Twin Turbo Dry Boost, which is designed to dry any type of cookware—even plastic containers—so your dishwasher is ready to unload as soon as the cycle is complete. You can also enjoy the four jets that are dedicated to cleaning the upper rack. This prevents larger pots and pans from blocking the water that comes up from the bottom. This is one of the most-reviewed models out of all GE Profile dishwashers on the market. More than 8,000 customers have shared their experiences with this appliance.

Featured GE Profile PDT785SYNFS review: “I'd never installed a dishwasher before, but this was easy enough. It's very quiet. The fan above the stove is louder than the dishwasher. It cleans amazingly! Also aesthetically pleasing. Very happy.”  

GE Profile™ 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

 Front view of the GE Profile PDP755SYRFS dishwasher

Shop This GE Profile UltraFresh Dishwasher

One of the coolest features on this GE Profile Ultrafresh dishwasher can actually be found on the outside. GE Profile uses Microban™ antimicrobial technology, which is built into commonly touched surfaces of this appliance. You don’t have to worry about touching germy buttons or a handle covered in bacteria thanks to a germ-repellent surface that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria.

This model also comes with the UltraFresh System, which uses algorithms to introduce clean air and reduce moisture in the dishwasher. If you need to wait a day or two before your dishwasher is full, you won’t have to worry about odors building up because of your dirty dishes.

Featured GE Profile PDP755SYRFS review: “This dishwasher is very user-friendly and easy to clean the filter. Never any marks on the outside and the dishes are always spotless! I love the extra cutlery spray jets and bottle spray jets.”     

Overall, GE Profile offers a reliable line of dishwashers made for the modern kitchen, which is why we recommend them to buyers who like smart features as well as performance. Whether you want a black GE Profile dishwasher or a classic stainless steel model, you can find the perfect appliance for your home. Shop the wide selection of dishwashers at East Coast Appliance to find the right model for your needs.


Even faithful GE users might hesitate when it comes to exploring what the GE Profile lineup has to offer. Here are a few things to consider before you buy.

How much does a GE Profile dishwasher cost?

GE Profile dishwashers come in a variety of price points and options. You can find base models from this line of products for around $800. More advanced GE Profile dishwashers will cost around $1,500. Luckily, at East Coast Appliance, shoppers can find GE Profile promotions throughout the year to save on these fine products.

Is GE Profile dishwasher installation hard?

GE Profile dishwashers are designed with users in mind. If you already have dishwasher hookups in your home, you should be able to install this appliance easily. However, we recommend leaving any installation involving electrical work to be left to the pros. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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