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The Best GE Dishwasher Review

by Joan Took

Did you know that General Electric (GE) began with Thomas Edison? Originally known as the Edison Electric Light Company, Edison began his business with simple incandescent lamps and small in-home scientific projects. His company has now grown into a household name for the best products and appliances to this day. They’re known for their longevity and sustainability in the appliance-driven world. They have striven to meet their customer’s needs and satisfaction and haven’t fallen short.

With that being said, GE has a vast catalog of appliances to choose from. They have brought budget-friendly and practical products to the market, as well as beautiful luxury models that can do everything for you. Based on our experts’ findings, we’ll walk you through some of the best GE dishwashers rated from our reviews from customers just like you.

At a Glance:

The Best GE Dishwasher Reviews and Products

Is GE for Me?

Performance and Features

Pros and Cons

Our Top Picks

What To Keep An Eye Out For When Choosing Your GE Dishwasher

Spark your inspiration and style by browsing through GE’s top-quality kitchen appliances. GE provides for their customers no matter where you live or what style and home décor may be appealing to customers. Take a deeper look into these prime GE dishwasher reviews to see for yourself.

The Best GE Dishwasher Reviews and Products

GE offers smart technology to give your life that simple ease as well as simple or smaller options for tiny homes or quaint apartments. On top of dishwashers, GE offers economic appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, ovens, and more.

Is GE for Me?

The easiest way to answer this is with a simple yes. But let us explain why. GE may seem like they cater to high-end or luxury clientele only, and if that is you, they have what you need. But they also know a thing or two about budgeter’s needs and necessary functions that still outperform their competitors. GE’s appliances are made in America for the American people. Behind every product you see are hard-working and dedicated employees that believe what they’re doing impacts every home their work ends up in.

We recommend GE dishwashers for customers interested in:

  • Sustainably driven households
  • Customers with low – to mid-range budgets
  • Variety-seekers of features from energy efficiency, disposals to Wi-Fi options
  • Fans of an array of finishes

GE’s products change from a budget-friendly cost of roughly $350 to luxury, all-inclusive $1,500 with Wi-Fi options and turbo settings. There are multiple options for a mid-range price point that include multiple wash settings, Dry Boost fan assists, and more.

Performance and Features

Including the features below, GE offers more than just a few innovative highlights. No need to resist sticky, jelly-covered fingers touching your dishwasher. GE provides fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean. Manual and easily adjustable racks, they’ve truly thought of it all to give immaculate cleanliness.

Below are a few of our favorite GE dishwasher features:

Bottle Jets: Bottle jets come with the innovation that GE provides. To clean hard-to-reach areas, GE has given you the power to wash your dishes using a deep clean shower with four dedicated jets.

Wash Zones: Choose to wash a half-load of dishes without wasting energy or water. Load your dirty dishes on the top or bottom rack without forfeiting a full wash.

Stainless Steel Blades: No need to worry about particles and food clogging your dishwasher. The stainless-steel blades pulverize anything left to fall from your dishes, promising consistent washes each time.

GE Dishwasher Pros and Cons

We’ve accounted for customer reviews and satisfaction. Take a look at how they play into our top choices below.


 Wide range of dishwasher sizes

✓ Made to last with quality and assurance

✓ Quiet control options

✓ Affordable to luxury price points


× Limited options for steam drying

× Limited choices for stainless steel tubs

× Small amount of dishwashers with a third rack option

× Wi-Fi available dishwashers have separate installation kits and costs

Our Top Picks for GE Dishwashers

Best Overall: GE® 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (GDP645SYNFS)

Our best pick overall comes in as the GE stainless steel dishwasher. The polished and innovative design rings in right under $850 with everything you may need to get the job done after meals. This GE stainless steel dishwasher is able to hold all your tall items like beer pints or baby bottles with its adjustable top rack. Dry Boost with Fan Assist options, and ultra-quiet controls take the world of washing dishes by storm with our top pick for you.

stainless steel dishwasher

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  • Ultra-Quiet Operation with 48 dBA selections
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity
  • AutoSense Cycle for Maximum Energy Saving

What customers are saying: “This product is so quiet sometimes I wonder if it’s running. I definitely recommend GE products to anyone.”

Best Budget: GE® 24" Built In Dishwasher White (GSD2100VWW)

Our pick for the best budget GE dishwasher doesn’t leave you hanging, rounding off at $400 and four stars from customer satisfaction. This GE dishwasher in white features multiple options and modes to keep your washing to minimum to reduce stress and oversight. With a four-level PowerScrub wash system, you’ll have no need to worry about if your dishes will be clean for their next use.

white GE dishwasher

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  • Custom Panel Option
  • 12 Place Setting Capacity
  • Steam, Gentle Wash, and High Temp Rinse Capabilities

What customers are saying: “GE is dependable. This is a good, inexpensive, no frills dishwasher.”

Best Splurge: GE® 24" Built-In Dishwasher-Stainless Steel (GDT225SSLSS)

Consistency is key when it comes to your daily tasks. That’s why this GE stainless steel dishwasher is our luxury pick. Have the flexibility to choose exactly what your dishes need for every wash with features like soil level measurements and water temperature adjustments to guarantee ideal cycle times. Never pull a half-cleaned plate out of your dishwasher again with the Piranha Hard Food Disposer.

stainless steel built in GE dishwasher

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  • Stemware Holder
  • 12 Place Setting Capacity
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified

What customers are saying: “I like everything about this dishwasher! It looks great in my new kitchen.”

Keep An Eye Out For These

Cleaning & Drying Performance

There’s a pretty simple guide to knowing what you’ll be getting out of your GE dishwasher when it comes to washing performance.

  • The 500 Series has two wash levels
  • The 600 Series has three wash levels
  • The 700 Series has levels and over 90 jets

Every GE dishwasher comes with the essentials that your dishes need. This includes a two-level washing system, Piranha Hard Food Disposer, and leak protection. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting if you keep your eye out for the series levels when searching for the right GE dishwasher for you and your family.

Noise Level

You may have noticed dBA referred to while searching for the best dishwasher for you. dBA simply means the decibels at which you can hear your dishwasher. The lower the number, the quieter the dishwasher. The average dBA for dishwashers falls between 45 dBA and 48 dBA, which means most GE’s washers will sound like a soft, soothing whisper. If you have soft sleepers, small children, or a tiny home, we recommend heading towards the lower end of sound decibels.


Depending on the model, GE offers between 2 and a whopping 11 cycle functions. On top of the cycles, you can enhance your experience with additional options to improve filtration--GE averages at five dishwashing cycles for you to choose from. If you find yourself constantly scraping off baked pie crusts or caked-on foods, look for the options of Steam PreWash, Hot Start, or Heavy Wash.

Why Trust Us?

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