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Bosch Black Stainless Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

by Product Specialist

You’ve finally nailed down which Bosch appliance you want, but you can’t decide on whether to get it in stainless steel or the new black stainless steel finish. They both look great, but choosing one over the other seems difficult to do. You can’t go wrong with either design, but what are you to do when you like them both equally? We’ve laid out a few features of each style that stood out to us to help you decide between the two.

Stainless Steel is Professional and Classic

Bosch Black Stainless Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

It’s hard not to feel like a professional chef when you have stainless steel appliances shining in your kitchen. It’s what most of the masters tend to use because of its durability and timelessness, making it look great for as long as it lasts. And it lasts a long time. If you spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, or have kids rummaging around looking for something to eat, things tend to get beat up in there pretty quickly. Luckily, stainless steel appliances won’t scratch easily, stain, or rust and will continue to look clean for ages. Speaking of cleaning, the upkeep on stainless steel surfaces is extremely easy to deal with. The Bosch stainless steel appliances are fingerprint resistant, making smudges difficult to come by. But every once in a while, some really sticky hands come in contact with the appliances, making the finish look a mess. Fortunately, all it takes is a clean wash cloth to wipe up the mess. So why wouldn’t you go the way of this metallic look? No clue – unless you’re looking for a change.

Black Stainless Steel is Fresh and Bold

Bosch Black Stainless Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel is everything you’ve ever liked about stainless steel, but just with a black exterior. Of course, the steel itself isn’t black. It’s coated in a black oxide, giving it a little more protection than stainless steel. Unlike the regular stainless steel, black stainless steel is new and bold. It’s easily a statement piece in your kitchen, standing out for all your guests (and you) to admire. It too has a smudge proof coating and is as easy to clean as the Bosch stainless steel appliances. Although it’s a great guard against scratches, a quick slash from a wedding ring could easily leave a mark. Choose this color on your appliances if you’re an avid cooker looking for an interesting transformation in the kitchen.

Battle of the Steels

Both stainless steel and black stainless steel have incredible finishes that can turn any ordinary kitchen into a contemporary culinary home. But if you’re looking for one style to go with, which do you choose? For those who have a bit more traffic in their kitchen, having Bosch black stainless steel appliances can offer a little more protection on the exterior during accidental collisions. If you can’t decide which appliance finish you want to go with, let us help you! Stop by our store today to take a look in person at both styles from Bosch.