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6 Best Refrigerators under $1,500

by Olly Mason

While the latest lineup of refrigerators continue to embark toward the elusive modern kitchen, appliance brands know not every buyer is looking for something fresh off the production line. Sure, having a fridge with state-of-the-art features is definitely a bonus, but other factors like performance, price, and reliability are just as important to consider. While our list of the best refrigerators under $1,500 also take into consideration style, we’ve placed utility and practicality first to ensure all the options on this list aren’t just bargains — they’re solutions. Take a look!

Best Refrigerator Under $1,500

Considering Samsung garnered more J.D. Power Awards for Kitchen Appliances in 2020 than any other brand, it’s no surprise the industry leader would come on top as our best overall fridge for less than $1,500. Our pick — the Samsung 17.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator (RF18A5101SG) — is a clear example of why the brand is so popular among buyers.

Samsung black RF18A5101SG French door refrigerator in modern kitchen

Modern Aesthetic

In terms of performance, style ranks relatively low compared to other factors like high-efficiency or shelves and drawers. Still, it’s hard not to comment on the sleek presentation this recommended Samsung refrigerator provides. Some of our favorite features include:

  • Recessed pocket handles that accentuate the seamless appearance
  • A flat door design for the ultimate flush appearance
  • 28-inch depth for installation that’s nearly as flush as standard countertops
  • A popular black stainless steel finish

Substantial Performance

Not surprisingly, Samsung is a master at flawlessly integrating an impressive suite of features into a refined design. Users will enjoy simple perks, like Samsung’s SmartThings App, LED lighting, and a fingerprint-resistant finish, as well as advanced food storage and organization with:

Twin Cooling Plus: Dual evaporators in the refrigerator and freezer provide enhanced humidity and temperature control in each compartment. 

Power Cool & Freeze: Quickly drop temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator, great for after long periods open, like loading groceries or frequent use.

Adjustable Freezer Shelf: Access even more ways to organize frozen foods.

Best French Door Refrigerator Under $1,500

While our best pick highlighted Samsung’s cutting-edge design, the Samsung 18 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator (RF18HFENBSR) is a showcase of French door refinement.

Front view of Samsung RF18HFENBSR stainless steel French door refrigerator

Spacious Yet Space-Friendly

Modestly sized, this 33-inch Samsung French door refrigerator with 18 cubic feet of storage can hold up to 18 bags of groceries with a total of three shelves, two crisper drawers, and inside, a pull-out freezer with an EZ-Open handle. Additionally, this best French door refrigerator under $1,500 also comes with an automatic filtered ice maker inside the freezer.

Samsung Performance, Standard

Good news — the exclusive refrigerator features from our overall best pick can also be found on this option! That includes Samsung’s exclusive Twin Cooling System and Surround Air Flow technology for a combination of humidity and temperature control inspired by commercial standards.

And with these additional features, this fridge is a complete package of style and performance:

  • Bright LED illumination
  • Sleek counter-depth design
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool options

 Internal view of Samsung RF18HFNBSR pull out freezer with ice maker

Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator Under $1,500

While counter-depth refrigerators provide a more streamlined look compared to standard-size refrigerators, there’s more to the design than aesthetic. For instance, with dimensions nearly identical to countertops, counter-depth refrigerators provide more floor clearance and overall better workflow, especially with doors open. The shallow depth also means contents are easier to grab, but these benefits come at a cost.

The biggest consideration will be width, since counter-depth fridges typically average around 36 inches. Still, models like the Frigidaire® 18.8 Cu. Ft. Brushed Steel Counter Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator (FRSG1915AV) make good use of that extra space. For example, if our recommended French door refrigerator holds 18 bags of groceries in an 18 cubic-foot capacity, then this 18.8 cubic-foot refrigerator can hold almost an entire bag more.

Front view of Frigidaire FRSG1915AV stainless steel side by side refrigerator

Innovative Look

However, chances are, shoppers in the market for a counter-depth fridge are placing looks high, which is why the Frigidaire FRSG1915AV is our best counter-depth refrigerator under $1,500. With a nearly featureless front and recessed handles, this model’s minimalistic style seamlessly blends into its surroundings. The “matte-flat” feel of this refrigerator is from a special laminating process called Vinyl-Coated Material (VCM), which is both durable and provides a high-end touch.

Reliable Frigidaire Performance

As a mid-end refrigerator brand, Frigidaire refrigerators won’t come with all the frills like competitors LG or Samsung, but the standard features are more than enough for households who value a simple user experience. On top of ample space, users can expect the following features:

  • 3 adjustable glass shelves
  • Sleek in-door controls
  • Optimum freezer storage
  • LED interior lighting

Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator Under $1,500

Admittedly, refrigerators in the $1,500 price point are hard to compete with the capacity of  higher priced models, but there are exceptions, like the Frigidaire 22.2 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (FRSS2323AS). At just over 22 cubic feet of total refrigerator and freezer space, our choice for best side-by-side refrigerator is generous enough for a family of up to five. Additionally, the vertical layout also means this selection features the most freezer space out of any other choice on the list, so if buying in bulk is a habit, this freezer is especially handy.

Frigidaire FRSS2323AS stainless steel side by side refrigerator in contemporary kitchen

Smart Cooling System

In order to preserve foods best, it’s crucial for air quality to be at a consistent temperature with constant circulation. To provide these ideal environments, this best side-by-side refrigerator under $1,500 uses an exclusive EvenTemp Cooling System that responds to changes in temperature and circulates air for freshness. And with two storage crispers each with a seal that protects foods from outside elements, produce stays fresher longer. 

Other standout features on this best side-by-side refrigerator under $1,500 include an in-door water and ice dispenser with PurePour water filtration and vibrant LED lighting.

Cheaper Refrigerator Options

Looking for other ways to stretch the dollar? Check our picks for best fridges under $800! Backed by reliable names (and the Discount Kings — Virginia’s largest independent appliance retailer), each of these choices helps add a little more bang to your buck. And for even more low-cost refrigerators, make sure to browse our scratch and dent appliance inventory.

Best Refrigerator Under $1,000

The GE 16.63 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator (GIE17GSNRSS) — our best value refrigerator pick — is a good example that shoppers don’t have to splurge to find a good refrigerator that properly stores food. With a solid rating of 4.4 from over 8,800 buyers, this option may be simple, but it has proven to be effective.

Shot of GE GIE17GSNRSS stainless steel top freezer refrigerator against blue cabinetry

Featuring a classic top-freezer configuration, this refrigerator is easy to use, and it even comes with a few perks, like:

  • Edge-to-edge glass refrigerator shelves that look professional and help contain spills
  • An automatic ice maker in the freezer
  • Brilliant LED lighting
  • Energy Star certification

Additionally, an independent study from The Stevenson Company named GE refrigerators “#1 in Quality and Dependability” versus comparable fridges between 16 and 22 cubic feet. In other words, while this selection is ranked as a budget buy, performance won’t be a compromise.

Best Refrigerator Under $800

Whether used as a temporary refrigerator or as a small-space fridge for an apartment, the Frigidaire 10.1 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator (FFET1022UV) is a smart option for buyers on a budget. Yet, despite its size, this best refrigerator under $800 is full of great storage features.

Front view of Frigidaire FFET1022UV stainless steel top freezer refrigerator

While 10.1 cubic feet of storage might not be ideal for large families, households with one or two members can get great use out of the configuration, including four door bins, three adjustable refrigerator shelves, and two crisper drawers.

Best of all, this affordable refrigerator comes with a sleek presentation, featuring a smudge-free stainless steel finish, pocket handles, and hidden hinges. For even more savings, shoppers also have the option of a black or white finish with the same noteworthy performance as our recommended stainless steel option.

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